Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Break from Tradition

Another royal wedding is bearing down on us, and the prince and his fiancée are busily painting glamorous touches on the wedding of the year.

When Prince William married Lady Middleton, much was expected of him. The eldest son of the heir to the throne, William has always been keenly aware of his sense of duty. His nuptials with Kate Middleton were a high-profile affair, and much of it was done according to British custom.

Prince Harry has been in the public eye as long as his brother, but being the younger son affords him many more liberties. Where Prince William married a well-respected Englishwoman from a good family, Harry is betrothed to an American actress.

It seems that at least some elements of their wedding will also break from tradition, not the least of which is the wedding cake. Fruitcake is not particularly popular in the United States, typically only sold during the holiday season. But across the pond, fruitcake is one of the most popular desserts in Britain.

As a result, fruitcake is traditionally served during a royal reception. Harry’s brother served fruitcake, as did his mother, the late Princess Diana, decades before. Harry and Meghan have decided to break from tradition, however, and will instead be serving a lemon elderflower cake.

The baker commissioned to make the cake is Claire Ptak, a native Californian who runs the Violet Bakery in London. Ms. Markle already knew the chef from a prior connection, which no doubt influenced the couple’s decision.

A lemon elderflower cake make break from tradition, but there is little doubt that the cake will be both lovely and delicious.

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