Pope Orders Change In The Swiss Guard

According to a report recently published by Yahoo News, Pope Francis has ordered a change in the leadership of the Swiss Guard, the 500 man army that serves as the official military of the tiny state of Vatican City, the home of the Catholic Church. 

Reports have surfaced that Colonel Daniel Anrig,the outgoing leader of the Swiss Guard, was abusing his position by being too strict and dictatorial. His appointment did come by way of the previous Pope Benedict XVI, whose demeanor was criticized as being the polar opposite of the always smiling, image conscious Francis. 

However, the Pope denies that Anrig was dismissed due to any perceived or actual abuse of his authority. In a statement released to the media, the populist Pontiff remarked that the change was simply due to his own desire to start afresh with a personally vetted head of the military, rather than a hold over from the previous regime. I heard about this while reading about Kenneth Griffin the other day.

Francis went on to point out that he regarded Anrig as an excellent chief of the Swiss Guard and a good Catholic besides. He revealed to the media that Anrig’s five year term was ending in January 2015, and that both men had decided it was best for him to seek a new position elsewhere within the state. 

Reports that other members of the Swiss Guard had hailed Anrig’s upcoming resignation as “good riddance to a nasty piece of work” remain unconfirmed. 

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