Political Lawyer Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech is a man interested in politics and has held several political campaigns. He is a former superdelegate of the national democratic committee in 2008 and 2012. He joined the committee after becoming the national committeeman for the young Americas. He has been a spokesman in several committees supporting a famous politician in the United States such as Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. He served in the national finance council during the 2016 Hillary Clinton national campaigns and now served in her finance committee. Read this Article at washingtonpost.com.

He is based in Puerto Rico a territory in the United States where there is a massive economic mess. He is a supporter of the Republican Party, and he oversaw the appointment of Jennifer Gonzalez as the chair of republican in Puerto Rico. Francisco Domenech is the managing director of politank, a government affairs law, which its mandate is formulating political strategies in the view of representing private interests in government forums. He has rendered his services under the management of the firm for three consecutive years. His primary areas of concentration are telecommunication and television, employment and labor laws, contract law and government and its regulatory affairs.

This firm is dedicated to enlightening its clients on the various laws in transactions and legal proceedings to ensure that they are not prosecuted illegally or fall to be victims of fraud. This firms mainly enlightens its clients on telecommunication dispute and billing agreements, commercial transactions and the state and the federal government. Francisco Domenech assists his clients on matters related to collective bargaining, commercial contract negotiation and litigation, employment contracts and interconnection agreements. While Puerto Rico carried some awards for the 40 under 40 class, awards given to individuals who work hard and lie in the bracket of young and professional entrepreneurs. These awards are given to young professionals who work hard in Puerto Rico despite many youths living the country to go and work outside where they believe they are greener pastures. This team of young entrepreneurs represents a business class who thrive through the tax incentives available in the companies located on the island and refocus their exports to make a good fortune. Under the nomination, the political lawyer who managers partners at a lobbying firm politank were among the top candidates voted for.

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