Police Officer Helps Those in Need

A police officer in North St. Louis County is going viral this week, but not for the reason one would think. Officer Ed Schlueter is being recognized for going above and beyond his call of duty to protect and serve the community he works in.

What began as a Christmas give-away has now continued way beyond the holiday season. During Officer Schlueter’s patrol around Christmastime, he took pictures of a few homes that had lights up. He posted them on social media and asked the public for the best one. The winner would get two large pizzas, courtesy of Officer Schlueter. It turns out that Dominoes Pizza heard about his campaign and refused to let him pay. The homeowner who won the light competition refused to take his gift card but instead gave the officer a hundred dollars and asked him to spread it around to those in need. This is what began Officer Schlueter’s season of giving.

With the money he was given, as well as some of his own funds, Officer Schlueter purchased many gift cards in increments of $5 and $10. He then hands them out to those who are in need of a little pick-me-up. He has even given gift cards to those that he has given traffic tickets to. Once the public got word of his good deeds, they jumped in to help. The police department has been receiving funds from people around the country wanting to continue the gift card hand out. One donor gave Officer Schlueter a blank check. He used that to help another community member get a much needed tire. Not only is he helping to give back to his community, he is building relations with them as well.

To help make contributions for gift cards, Fox 2 Now has all the details at the end of the article.

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