Photographer Holds Photoshoot for New Kitten

While most people reserve the occasion for a newborn child, this professional photographer pulled out all the stops to commemorate adopting a new cat.

Huffington Post talks about how the appropriately named photographer Kitty Schaub decided to celebrate her new pet. She and her five year old daughter recently adopted a cat named Luna, with the two of them becoming immediately enamored with the kitten.

One day, while preparing to wash a set of props she would normally use for newborn photoshoots, she noticed Luna napping on the couch and had a brilliant idea – to photograph their cat as if she was a baby.

“I picked her up, loosely wrapped her in a blanket, and set her down,” she said. Most amusing of all, Luna refused to wake up despite all the pictures being taken of her. It wasn’t until Schaub purposely tried to rouse her did she finally open her eyes.

Proud of her work, Schaub posted the photos to her Facebook page, which quickly went viral. Demand came immediately for more pictures of Luna, which she gladly provided.

Additionally, after a comment by her sister-in-law comparing Luna to Dinah the cat from “Alice in Wonderland”, she had the idea for a new shoot featuring both Luna and her daughter themed after the story.

Due to Luna’s popularity, Schaub compiled some of her work into a six month calendar people can purchase from her website for just $20. All proceeds from the sales will go to the charity Save a Stray, an animal rescue organization based out of St. Joseph, Michigan.

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