Philadelphia Neighboorhood Becomes Pop-Up Concert

It’s not everyday that a random concert just shows up in a town and takes it over for a day or so. That’s pretty much exactly what happened in Philadelphia not too long ago.


West Philly went through a very sudden transformation, by taking the porches of the area and turning them into music performance venues in what is called the “West Philly Porchfest.” This is the second annual festival for music and is essentially a do-it-yourself music festival that was organized by all of the neighborhood’s residents. The free shows by artists took up more than 65 porches.


According to Morgan Melissa Robinson, who hosted the first West Philly Porchfest in 2016, the success of the previous year’s festival showed everyone how much the neighborhood wanted to be involved in an event like this. So naturally, repeating the event for the following year was a logical and wanted step. The event featured several musical acts, from hip hop groups, up and coming punk bands and jazz trios and some old school rock, all made up of friends and visitors to the area.


Porchfests are a fairly recent trend in society, starting with the first organized one in Ithaca, New York in 2007 but then began spreading all across the country. The idea of a porchfest is simply to have fun and also encouraging participation from musicians from all backgrounds, talents and experiences. Overall, the entire event is meant to create a relaxed and friendly environment where visitors can just come, sit back and enjoy all kinds of good music.

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