Perry Mandera gives generously to charity

Custom Care Charities, a charity organization recently gained popularity for donating thousands of dollars to different families. This donation is aimed at helping families buy gifts for their children. Custom Care Charities is a registered charity and an organization owned by The Custom Companies Inc. a transportation business founded by Perry Mandera and based in Chicago.

Aside the Custom Care Charities, Mr Perry Mandera is equally involved in other charity efforts. Mr Perry Mandera was able to arrange for thousands of donated coats to be distributed to needy people in the Chicago metro area. Since he founded the Custom Care Charities, the organization has embarked on several charitable projects.


Charitable Projects

In 2013, after the tornado that hit Washington, Illinois, Custom Care Charities transported food supplies and other necessities to families in need. Aside supporting people in need in his immediate community, Mr Perry Mandera has also assisted people in distant localities. When Hurricane Katrina struck at Mississippi and Louisiana, his company assisted victims of the disaster with 40 truckloads of supplies. Of recent, Perry Mandera offered transportation services to assist the victims of 2017 California wildfires. Moreover, he also donated food and other supplies to victims of the 2017 California Wildfires.

Perry Mandera has a keen interest in assisting needy children. He has personally coached several youth sport teams in the past including several boxers who have gone ahead to represent the country in the Olympics. Moreover, he has also provided financial assistance to several teams and organizations that promote fitness and productive activities for needy children. Mr Perry Mandera is very passionate about the Jesse White Tumblers Organization, an Organization which focuses on keeping children away from drugs, alcohol and gangs, see more.

Mr Mandera is also committed to the course of men and women who have served in the military, refer also to He has donated to several charities that benefit veterans. Moreover, he is also committed to Environmental Responsibility.

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