Paul Mampilly Puts Investment Options in Perspective

Mr. Paul Mampilly is not new to controversies. He has made as many friends as they wish to invest in the stocks for tomorrow as he has attracted attention from friends and foes. The Chief Editor of Banyan Hill Publishing is the author of the trending Profits Unlimited; a stocks advisory newsletter with over 100 000 subscribers. Obviously, for a monthly newsletter to have so many subscribers, there must be something to it. Paul Mampilly is a former hedge fund manager with experience in financial consultancy. He has made a name for himself in his new career involving predicting and analyzing stocks, as well as advising his followers where to put their money. His views are increasingly becoming invaluable in the field of stocks investment.

Paul Mampilly; Background

Born in a remote village in India, Mr. Mampilly grew up as he watched life grow from tough to tougher. He lost his mother when he was only three years old. His father also died when young Mampilly was only 20. He later moved to the US where he tried his luck in matters finances. He was once a hedge fund manager. Paul Mampilly has been on all the major news channels one can imagine. He stirs his audiences with witty insights about the stock markets. He seems to have a third eye that sees what everybody else doesn’t seem to see. He is the chief editor at Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Apart from his Profits unlimited newsletter, he is also the brains behind Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. Mampilly is also a crowned financial investment advisor. He won the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment Award. Paul Mampilly is a public figure with a conspicuous presence on social media. He has attracted over 2 500 followers on Facebook. He shares his views and experiences about stocks with his friends and followers on such social platforms. His Profits Unlimited Newsletter has hit the 100 000 mark in subscription and still counting.

His Views on Bitcoin Cryptocurrency and Medical Marijuana

One of the reasons why Mr. Mampilly draws so much attention is because he seems to think against the grain. In a recent interview, Paul dismisses the hype around bitcoin-stocks. He says it is a typical bubble that will soon vanish. He discourages his fans from buying bitcoin shares. While he admits that many people have made a fortune out of the cryptocurrency trade, he warns that it is too volatile for his taste. Mr. Mampilly points out that medical Marijuana stocks are something to watch out for in stocks. He also encourages his fans to invest in natural energy industries because they are likely to upset the order of business soon. He says that the companies in the natural energy sector are set to outdo the dominant ones such as Amazon and Google in the near future.


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