Parents of 14 Boys Name New Baby Sheboygan (She’s-a-Boy-Again)

Like all expectant parents, Kateri and Jay Shwandt wondered whether their new baby would be a boy or a girl.

Unlike most couples, though, the Shwandts already had 13 boys in a row. Their eldest son is now 25 years old, and their youngest—well, he’s the reason for this story.

The couple, who live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, held out hope that their newest addition to the family would be a girl. After having 13 sons, they thought it would be fun to finally have a baby girl. Alas, it was not meant to be.

On Wednesday, April 18, Kateri gave birth to the couple’s 14th child: another boy. The Today show invited the couple onto TV on Friday to announce to the nation the name they had chosen for their 14th son. Are you ready?

Finley Sheboygan.

Now, if you know your Midwestern geography, you might recognize the name of Sheboygan as a Wisconsin city. As residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Shwandt family is probably familiar with this town of 50,000 residents right on the other side of Lake Michigan. However, the parents reported that they didn’t name their child after the Wisconsin city at all.

Instead, Sheboygan is their cute way of saying, “She’s a boy again!”

Reactions to the newborn’s middle name have been mixed. Twitter users responded to the Today show’s announcement with eye rolls, laughter, confusion, and in some cases, support. One follower commented, “God bless your very big family, and great sense of humor with the middle name!”

Father of the newborn, Jay Shwandt, told BuzzFeed News: “I knew our choice of the middle name would generate some shock and eye rolling, but I think it’s super cool and unique.”

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