Why it is Important to Start Investing Early

It is important to start investing early due to the numerous benefits it brings. People who start planning for their retirement quite early tend to enjoy higher returns on their investments. This investment strategy is beneficial for people working in the military as well as civilians. It is essential to take advantage of being young and plan for the future through investing. Below are reasons as to why it is crucial to start investing as soon as possible.

Starting to invest at a young age helps you to learn how to take risks, refer to Chris’ teachings. Highly volatile ventures tend to be the most profitable. However, you should learn the best way to take risks. An investor who invests much early has higher chances of correcting mistakes in case things do not go as expected. Such people are able to go ahead and take advantage of riskier moves.

By reinvesting in earnings, an individual is able to increase the return in investments. It is worth noting that those who invest early are able to earn a higher compound interest. Time is crucial when it comes to compound interest. Additionally, investing early helps people to have improved quality of life says Chris.

Investing early enables an individual to develop discipline in spending habits. Such people mainly focus on their strict budget by reducing expenses. Those who do not invest at a young age tend to become spendthrift. One is able to reduce impulse buying so as to increase savings. The investment lessons and habits become highly fruitful in the long run.

People who start investing in their young will be far much ahead of their peers with time says Chris. The financial situation of people who invest early gets better with time. With time such individuals afford things that those who invest at a older age cannot. In case of challenges people who invest early are in a good position to handle them.

To make wise investment decisions, it is essential to seek advice from an experienced financial advisor such as Chris Linkas. Mr. Linkas has gained more than 25 years of experience in the finance field. He currently works at an investment company based in the U.K where he serves as the European Head of Credit (https://www.discogs.com/artist/2617983-Chris-Linkas). Linkas developed a passion in finance and decided to pursue it.


“Roseanne” Beat “Walking Dead” Finale in Ratings

In a somewhat stunning move, the week of April 9 saw an episode of the Roseanne revival beat the season finale of former ratings giant The Walking Dead.

The post-apocalyptic zombie series has been declining in the ratings since season 7, when it introduced the divisive villain Negan, and has continued to decline throughout season 8. Even the shocking death of Carl, one of the main characters, failed to help much with its numbers, and the final episode was the lowest season finale of the series, with 9.81 million viewers (3.4 million in the key 18-49 demographic).

Meanwhile, Roseanne has been going strong. Its premiere on March 27 was the highest-rating sitcom episode in three years, and its April 10 episode “Eggs Over, Not Easy” scored 13.77 million, with 3.5 million in the key demographic. This is especially notable because it airs on ABC, and the general belief is that network shows always fare badly compared to what’s on cable.

Its slim win in the 18-49 demographic is particularly surprising; the show, which originally aired from 1988 until 1997, is obviously nostalgic to many, but apparently a good number of younger viewers are turning in too.

While The Walking Dead finale was obviously dramatic, bringing an end to the “All Out War” arc while teasing conflict between Rick and Maggie; Roseanne, meanwhile, pulled off a dramatic move itself. In the episode, Roseanne’s daughter Becky was intending to become a surrogate mom, but instead found out that she was infertile. Her resulting depression also forces her to confront the fact that she never moved on from the death of her husband Mark, absent from the new season due to the real-life death of his actor, Glenn Quinn, back in 2002.

It’s Never to Late to Learn: 96 Year-Old Begins High School

Life goals and dreams are often disrupted by the course of daily life and the responsibilities therein. Often it appears that there is a window of time where certain things must be accomplished such as education and career goals. There is a 96-year-old Mexican woman named Guadalupe Palacios from Tuxtla Gutierrez, nicknamed “Dona Lupita,” that is proving naysayers wrong about achieving seemingly unreachable goals.

Dona Lupita was raised in an impoverished, rural area of Mexico in an indigenous village where she was unable to attend school because of her responsibilities at home to her family. She helped her family farm beans and corn so that they could make ends meet. Her strong work ethic began as a child and continued to grow. As an adult, she continued into marriage, motherhood, and work. After a full life lived at the age of 92 Dona Lupita felt incomplete, she wanted her education and felt like she had missed out on that important part of life. Instead of living with regret and staying her course she enrolled in an adult literacy program and quickly completed her elementary and middle school grades. Now at the age of 96, she has begun high school and has set herself a goal of finishing before she reaches the age of 100. Her classmates are teenagers but that doesn’t bother her, she still has one more goal- to become a kindergarten teacher and with her famous determination, one can only guess that she won’t stop until completing her dream.

“Deadpool 2” Director Wants “Captain America” Crossover

David Leitch, director of the upcoming Deadpool 2, says that he wants to see the Merc With a Mouth team up with none other than Captain America.

In an interview with Fandango, he explained that Deadpool’s appeal from his irreverence. “What I like about Deadpool is I think that the more you can put Deadpool in a box, the more he wants to push outside of it,” he explained.

In other words, he’s a wise in constant need of a straight man.

“Who would he pair with? Captain America, that’d be pretty funny. I don’t know. There are definitely some people,” he said, and added that you could randomly pick just about anyone in the Marvel Universe to put Deadpool with and it would be funny.

Deadpool, part of Fox’s X-Men franchise, has recently been sold to Disney, which owns Marvel Studios. The deal is estimated to be finalized by next year, so it is possible that we may see the two share the screen together eventually.

Unfortunately, it likely won’t be the Deadpool whom Leitch is directing alongside the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Chris Evans. The latter has confirmed that he is leaving the MCU after next year’s untitled Avengers film, and if Deadpool were to be brought into the franchise, Disney may well decide to end the current run of movies and recast the part. After all, it would be pretty screwy trying to explain how the already-tricky X-Men and MCU timelines could work together.

That said, a well-written Deadpool is always fun, and even with different actors, he and Captain America would make an interesting team. Maybe Leitch can get a job at Disney and make that happen at some point in the future.

Toby the Cat has Been Adopted

Toby has made national headlines. He is an orange cat that walked 12 miles to get back home. He showed up to his owners house as a stray cat but did not get along with the other feline pets. As a result, the owners dropped him off 12 miles away to a friend’s house so that Toby can live a happy life. Yet, Toby walked all the way back.

The owners then took him to the SPCA and asked to have Toby euthanized. The SPCA found him mostly healthy and neutered him. Toby immediately became mild towards other cats and was adopted this week. The SPCA have used him as their cover animal to support their annual walking fundraiser.

This took place in Wake County, North Carolina. While some have voiced their disapproval towards the owners for wanting to have Toby euthanized after he walked 12 miles to get back home, the SPCA has hoped his story would encourage support towards the organization. Roughly 3.2 million animals are adopted through animal shelters annually. Millions of animals like Toby rely on animal shelters to find permanent homes.

The SPCA’s 2018 fundraiser will be on May 6th, 2018. It will be located at Cary, NC. If one registers before April 25th, one can save 10 dollars on registration.

Toby’s story is not original; many animals go through suffering due to not having homes. Fortunately for Toby, a loving family has taken in him and it looks to be a happy ending for him.

Banyan Hill Publishing: Where your future is the number one priority

Banyan Hill Publishing is a company that gives their readers advice on investments. This website allows its readers to focus on investment opportunities to make money and to create a secure retirement. Banyan Hill Publishing was founded in 1998 and it was called The Sovereign Society, but was rebranded as Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. The rebranding happened because they wanted their focus to be on actionable advice. The whole idea of their website is to make sure that people are financially secure with minimal risks. Visit the website jeffyastineguru.com to learn more.

The site’s name, Banyan Hill Publishing, has an interesting background. “Banyan” is actually the name of a tree that possesses the world’s largest canopy. Once its branches start to grow and lean outward they start to sprout additional trunks that eventually reach the ground and become fixed to create additional trunks. These additional trunks make it easier for the tree to withstand natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. So the idea behind Banyan Hill Publishing’s name is symbolic of the sense of security that is felt by all their readers.

Banyan Hill Publishing is not about the cookie cutter advice that you always get from Wall Street. They recognize that business and business practices are not one-size-fits-all. They give you information that is tailored to you. They are able to do this because of their team of highly trained experts who know the business inside and out.

Paul Mampilly has the role of senior editor for Banyan Hill Publishing. Mampilly has proven himself to be one of the most achieved when it comes to investment. He was sponsored by the Templeton Foundation where he was able to take a $50 million dollar investment and turn it into $88 million dollars. This was a 76% return. He has had many roles, such as with Deutsche Bank, where his role was to manage millions of dollars. He has been interviewed on many TV stations such as CNBC, Fox, Business News, and Bloomberg TV. Paul’s Focus is to help people get a 100% return gain.

Another editor who has left his mark on Banyan Hill Publishing is Matt Badiali. He has been all over the world as a specialist in resource-based Investments. Badiali says, “It is impossible to discover what is really going on without sizing up the situation yourself”. It is Badiali’s strong belief that a person should go and check out things for themselves and not just look at it on paper. Trained as a geologist, Matt Badiali is able to spot red flags in different locations that are best found in person. Matt badiali has acquired a bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and he also has a master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He was even a professor at Duke University and the University of North Carolina for a number of years. Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=332074010&privcapId=109183793&previousCapId=109183793&previousTitle=The%2520Sovereign%2520Society



OSI Group premiere food processing company

OSI Group is a global food processing company that specializes in customized foodstuff ranging from snacks, breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. The company produces processed foods, which supply to the direct consumers through its outlets and facilities and also other commercial business across the world. The company has a global network, with a team of workers who are highly qualified in their respective duties and other facilities that are strategically located in various continents. OSI Group has a powerful leadership team, which is headed by the president of the OSI Group, Mr. David McDonald. The company focuses on global operations with local management teams, which are sensitive and understandable of the local tastes and culture.

OSI Group has its headquarters in Aurora. The company remains to be the global leader as the suppliers of the value-added protein foods. The processed foods include beef patties and sausage links. The company also supplies foodstuff like sandwiches and pizza, to the leading retail brands and other food service businesses. The independent corporation operates over 50 facilities in more than 17 nations.

The premier food company, ISO Group, has operated for about 20 years in China and has grown to be a leading food company in the world. The company is currently operating eight factories with two newly acquired facilities underway making OSI Group to be one of the largest poultry product producers in the country.

OSI Group was established by Otto Kolschowsky as a butcher store in 1909. Otto was very influential in the extension of the food business products to numerous markets in Chicago and other 65 locations globally. The company has kept a consistency expansion by creating new markets in different areas through the acquisition of various food plants across some continents. The company recently acquired Baho Food, Flagship Europe, Tyson Food Plant, and they have ventured into Dutch to maximize the market share in both Germany and Netherlands.

OSI Group has been in the forefront in receiving recognition as an international privately owned company. OSI Group was privileged to receive a 2016 Global Honour that was presented by the British Safety Council. The OSI Group Was ranked 136 in the Forbes list of the USA`s privately owned businesses. The recognition was based on a milestone of $ b billion annual revenue. However, in 2016 OSI Group rose to number 58 in the list of the Forbes, which notably shows the food company has expanded and increased its financial margin. In 2016, OSI Group had revenue that totaled to $ 6.1 billion. The company has over 20,000 workers in all the company`s facilities and offices.

For More info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

Parents of 14 Boys Name New Baby Sheboygan (She’s-a-Boy-Again)

Like all expectant parents, Kateri and Jay Shwandt wondered whether their new baby would be a boy or a girl.

Unlike most couples, though, the Shwandts already had 13 boys in a row. Their eldest son is now 25 years old, and their youngest—well, he’s the reason for this story.

The couple, who live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, held out hope that their newest addition to the family would be a girl. After having 13 sons, they thought it would be fun to finally have a baby girl. Alas, it was not meant to be.

On Wednesday, April 18, Kateri gave birth to the couple’s 14th child: another boy. The Today show invited the couple onto TV on Friday to announce to the nation the name they had chosen for their 14th son. Are you ready?

Finley Sheboygan.

Now, if you know your Midwestern geography, you might recognize the name of Sheboygan as a Wisconsin city. As residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Shwandt family is probably familiar with this town of 50,000 residents right on the other side of Lake Michigan. However, the parents reported that they didn’t name their child after the Wisconsin city at all.

Instead, Sheboygan is their cute way of saying, “She’s a boy again!”

Reactions to the newborn’s middle name have been mixed. Twitter users responded to the Today show’s announcement with eye rolls, laughter, confusion, and in some cases, support. One follower commented, “God bless your very big family, and great sense of humor with the middle name!”

Father of the newborn, Jay Shwandt, told BuzzFeed News: “I knew our choice of the middle name would generate some shock and eye rolling, but I think it’s super cool and unique.”

96-Year-Old Woman Determined to Earn High School Diploma

They say you learn something new every day and at 96 years old, Guadalupe Palacios of Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico is proving that your education will never stop. Palacios is determined to earn her high school diploma before she turns 100 years old. She entered a public high school because there were no adult education programs near her.

“Dona Lupita,” as the other students call her, wears the same uniform as everyone else: a white polo shirt and black skirt. The students at High School Number 2 in Tuxtla Gutierrez have welcomed Dona Lupita with open arms and even applause. Who would’ve thought that all you had to do to be popular in high school would be having 80 more years of life experience than the youngest student?

Palacios takes chemistry, math and dance, which shows that not even being 96 years old can get you out of gym class.

The enthusiastic student said she grew up in poverty and helped out on her family’s farm growing corn and beans rather than going to school. When she grew up, she sold chickens at the market. Then she got married twice and raised six children along the way.

Palacios picked up math throughout the course of her life, but she never learned how to read or write. She entered a literacy program when she was 92, and she’s excited now that she can, “write letters to her boyfriends”.

Palacios is quite the ambitious optimist. She said she wants to be a kindergarten teacher in the future.

Source: https://www.ndtv.com/offbeat/96-year-old-woman-is-fulfilling-her-dream-of-going-to-school-in-mexico-1839788

Mathew Autterson, The Experienced Businessman Who Doubles As An Advisor

When it comes to describing some of the world’s most experienced financial experts, Matthew Autterson fits the bill. A business enthusiast who puts in a lot of work to establish a strong finance platform for his clients, Matthew Autterson has managed to engrave his name on the walls of many businesses. But first, it is important to note his academic credentials. Autterson went to Michigan State University for finance. Later, he decided to join the Denver Tax Program. It is while here that Matthew Autterson learned more about revenues and the filing of taxes.


For his first career experience, Matthew worked at First Trust Corporation. This is an affiliate of Fiserv. Well, of course, he gave all his best in terms of working with the management to please clients. At the same time, he mentored emerging financial services providers. Autterson was always a problem solver, and his colleagues attested to his discipline and dedication at work. After a few years of serving as a leader in the company, he pursued a different role at a company that he co-founded with the help of his associates. That is when Integrated Resources was formed. Well, in the new firm, Matthew Autterson was a team leader as well. He accomplished a lot by listening to his clients. Go To This Page for related information.


Matthew Autterson was exceptionally instrumental in the industry of finance. He was the man behind the growth of Broad Inc which later transitioned into SunAmerica Inc before the acquisition of Resources Trust Company. Inclusive of the acquisition was all the appended assets. A few years later, SunAmerica was purchased by AIG at the price of $18 billion. Consequently, in 2001, Fiserv decided to buy Resources Trust Company.


For more than two decades, Autterson played a significant role in growing the financial industry. For that reason, he was not only respected by his peers but also strangers who needed advice pertaining to financial services. His career has grown to the point of him serving at Falci Adaptive Systems where he oversees the management and financial services. The organization supports individuals who suffer from neuromotor disabilities. This support is procured by helping them to live healthy lives alongside therapies that encourage their interaction with other people. FAB is a reflection of Matthew Autterson’s philanthropic activities in many ways including how often he donates to the organization in order to facilitate the acquisition of the machines used to enable them to move.


Source: https://angel.co/matthew-autterson