The life of Greg Secker, the Successive Forex trader

Secker is a renowned international motivational speaker, entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. He was born in Feb 1975 becoming a millionaire in his tender ages of 20. His actions have contributed to the foundation of knowledge to Action Group in the year 2003. The group has various firms that include, Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software Company, among others. His organizations help in facilitating the provision of modern technology when it comes to capital index. The Greg Secker foundation is well accorded with the positive, improving quality life for persons globally. He began his occupation at the Thomas Cook Financial agency where he later joined the foreign exchange sector. He runs a brand named Virtual Trading Desk.

Investments and contributions

He has invested in a wide range of trading companies, and individuals who continue to fuel is the urge to active forex trading. He continues to progress as he used to be the Vice President at the Mellon Financial Corporation. In the United States, Greg has made a significant Fortune of 500 to invest in various banks. Forex is the foreign exchange market at which global currencies exchange in 24hours, and unlike the stock exchange market, it isn’t a centralized exchange. It is practiced globally as the financial trends are unpredictable hence people invest in forex trading to help in maximizing their monetary value.


It is wise to invest in this trading has many have quit their jobs only to spend in this area. The reasons are compelling igniting the urge to persistently in poverty eradication as well as sustainable growth and development. His strategies have helped in tackling inflation struggles as well as the independence of one’s life. Many people continue to embrace forex trading bringing about its reliability and accessibility. Greg welcomes this business as an active lifestyle trend and continues to increase his investment portion in this field. He insists that people can become their bosses when they find a firm grasp on the basics of trading. Emulating a successful mentor is vital to match your expectations. Adapting a trading strategy and sticking to it will lead to one being realistic and achieving the primary goals.


How Soon Will Abraham Lincoln Visit President Donald Trump?

According to many accounts, the White House is often visited by spirits of deceased presidents particularly Abraham Lincoln’s in times of crisis such as the release and non/release of JFK files by current President Donald Trump appears to be. Lincoln is said to haunt the second floor “when the country needs a leader most.” This bodes two questions: one, how soon will this occur, and two, if so, how likely will it be that it is disclosed to ‘the American people’ sooner then later?

Although Lincoln died in 1865, his spirit is rumored and documented to have been visiting the White House since 1942 and before, when he appeared to the Queen of The Netherlands who was sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom. A 1989 account maintains that President Reagan’s dog would not cross the threshold of the Lincoln bedroom. In 1932, a staff member of Eleanor Roosevelt claimed she saw him sitting on the Lincoln bed donning his boots. Former President Harry Truman reported being visited by a spirit in the presidential suite in 1946 while his wife and daughter were on a holiday away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Historical accounts maintain that both Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln were visited in the White House by the departed spirit of their son who died of a medical issue there.

Perhaps the weirdest angle of this visitation is that Lincoln himself had a dream of his impending assassination three days prior to its occurrence while sleeping at the White House.

Halloween Pumpkin Babies

Want to bring a great big smile to a new parent’s face? A newborn can’t join the older kids for Trick ‘n Treat, but he or she can still celebrate Halloween. All that’s needed is a costume.

In Monroeville, PA, the nurses and other staff members of Forbes Hospital really know how to get into the spirit of Halloween. When parents, friends or relatives arrive to admire the newest member of the family, they discover a nursery filled with rows of precious little pumpkins. Each tiny newborn has been lovingly dressed in little orange “pumpkin” pants and a knitted orange cap.

Parents of babies in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) are stressed as they wait endless days or weeks to be able to take their little ones home. Dorothy Williams, a volunteer at the NICU in California’s Cedars-Sinai’s Maxine Dunitz Children’s Health Center, understands how important small gestures can be.

Forty years ago, Ms. Dorothy was the mother of premature twins. On Valentine’s Day, she was touched by the gesture of a kind nurse. When she arrived to spend time with her tiny twins, she discovered a small heart waiting for her on the incubator reading, “Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you Mom.”

She decided to pay it forward and began volunteering in the NICU, supporting the families of the babies. She began by making holiday-themed beanies. Twenty years ago, she was inspired to create full Halloween costumes for the infants, an immediate hit with everyone. Over time, hospital staff members and friends of Ms. Dorothy pitched in to help. With so many costumes to make, they begin weeks before Halloween.

This year, she was joined by her 13-year-old granddaughter and friend, who are making costumes based on characters in children’s books. The babies’ families also receive a copy of the book. The thoughtfulness of Ms. Dorothy and her helpers will always be remembered by amused and grateful parents.

Man Eats at Chipotle Every Day for a Year

Many people have a restaurant that they love to visit frequently, but few have taken their love to the extreme of Bruce Wayne who has now eaten in his favorite Chipotle’s restaurant in Toledo, Ohio, every day for a year. In order to celebrate his accomplishment, employees at the restaurant dressed up in Superman costumes. Bruce says that he wants to break the record of eating in a Chipotle every day for 425 days.

Bruce who is employed taking care of intellectually-challenged adults posts a picture of the menu, his food and the receipt every day to his Instagram account. When not busy dining or working, he dresses up as Batman appearing at many charitable events around the Toledo area. Bruce says that when the restaurant opened, he decided that the menu fit his diet very well. Then, he learned about the record and has been eating at Chipotle every day since. While Bruce looks forward to breaking the record, he says that he will not stop eating at the restaurant anytime soon because he has started to feel like the wait staff are family. They look forward to his visit every day and are anxiously following his progress on the internet.

Bruce only needs to eat at the Mexican restaurant for another two months to break the record. He dines on a variety of foods off their menu with a preference for fresh salads. The restaurant nor Bruce have not announced what they plan on doing to celebrate when he breaks the record that will be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

DC Starts to Talk ‘Black Adam’ Film

There is no genre hotter right now in the entertainment world than that of the comic book. While Marvel continues to take top flight at the box office, the DC Universe has slowly and steadily been climbing back into action. Most recently the ‘Justice League’ film, which is expected to be DC’s highest grossing film, is set for release. Now, fans are looking ahead to a potential ‘Black Adam’ feature film that has Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson attached. While Johnson has been talking up the project for months, nothing definite has been in the works behind-the-scenes until now.

Black Adam is a popular villain/anti-hero in the DC Universe and the attachment of Dwayne Johnson only fueled fan expectation that a project would get made. Johnson is one of the most prolific working actors in the industry today with a film set to release seemingly now until the end of time. While fans were excited, the action seemed to be slow behind the scenes. However, a report by The Tracking Board seems to indicate that a script is in the works. Adam Sztykiel is set to pen the script but that shouldn’t exactly give fans much heart. Sztykiel is most famous for his work on a trio of light-hearted projects like ‘Due Date’, ‘Undateable’ and ‘Made of Honor’.

With Sztykiel attached to the project, it gives us a glimpse into the world that Dwayne Johnson might soon inhabit. With Johnson’s natural charisma and Sztykiel comedy chops it makes sense that DC might be pursuing a ‘Guardians’ or ‘Thor’-esque comedic slant. Dwayne Johnson is one of the most likable actors in all of Hollywood so it doesn’t make sense for DC to chase the traditional ‘dark and gritty’ route that so many of their other films have fallen prey to recently.

Talkspace Provision of Therapies Online

According to a recent publication by Talkspace, the stigma of depression is real. Individuals living with depression deem themselves as lesser people and are unable to live normal lives. Unfortunately, stigma surrounds mental illness up to date. Stigma gives rise to many misconceptions. Moreover, stigma is dangerous to the person suffering from a mental illness. The stigma makes affected people not to reach out for help because they are embarrassed with themselves. Depression is a disease and a disability at the same time.

Alicia Winkle is a therapist at Talkspace. She has been a therapist for five years now and started working with Talkspace two years ago. She is a licensed professional counselor in Alabama. The psychologist holds a Master’s degree in Community Counseling from the University of North Alabama.

Alicia Winkle decided to work in the mental health department because she always wanted to offer help. She majored in psychology after suffering from anxiety that made her drop out of nursing school. She decided to help other to overcome mental problems after her encounter.

Alicia wanted to work with Talkspace since the facility provided psychological services to patients online. Patients, therefore, do not need to travel to the facility. While at Talkspace, she has been proud of her work by seeing patients she attended to making progress and thanking her in return. When not working, Alicia loves staying outside for fun. She likes redoing furniture and running.

Talkspace is a medical facility that offers therapy online. The therapy start-up is situated in New York City. The therapies are more affordable and accessible to many people. The facility is made up of a networked of licensed professional who avail themselves to clients for consultations. Moreover, the professionals offer treatment plans that are long-term via the web or smartphone. Talkspace offers therapy for various problems including depression, anxiety, and stigma.

Dr. Scott Rocklage’s Cutting-Edge Venture Capital Firm

Scott Rocklage, Ph.D. is a managing partner at 5AM Ventures Management located in Boston, MA. Founded in 2004, the firm specifically invests in next generation life science companies. 5AM Ventures Management has invested in over fifty-four companies to date. The life science companies that they invest in specialize in drug delivery technologies, the discovery and development of therapeutics and research instruments. Dr. Scott Rocklage served as a member of the Board of Directors and the CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He also served as the president and CEO of Nycomed Salutar and worked in a couple of positions in the Research and Development department for the companies, Salutar and Catalytica. While working for Nycomed Salutar, Dr. Scott Rocklage was the initiator for designing and putting to action a few research and development programs that created drug products in human clinical trials. He was a former Board Chairman of the company Relypsa and Novira, that was recently bought by Johnson and Johnson. Learn more:


For over three decades, Dr. Rocklage has maintained his trust and leadership in the healthcare management field. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He also graduated with a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While attending MIT, Scott would conduct his research and studies inside the lab of Nobel Prize winner, Richard Schrock. Scott Rocklage has earned approval from the FDA for three new US drug applications, the Omniscan, Cubicin and Teslascan. He has invented over thirty US patents and has more than a hundred peer-reviewed publications.

Aloha Construction in the News

Some companies succeed through a combination of staying power, consistency in the quality of their work and a commitment to providing value to their customers and their employees. Aloha Construction, which serves the areas of Southern Wisconsin and all of the state of Illinois, is one such company. The steady growth this company is now seeing is a tribute to the fine work record Aloha has built up over the years of its service as a top-notch construction company.


Thriving in a Challenging Business Environment

The construction business nationwide has seen its ups and downs over the past several years, as the US has recovered from the depths of a major recession. Aloha has stayed the course through these difficult times, and has now morphed from a small, family-run operation into a company that is known for its ability to take on major construction projects with great success and quality and learn more about Aloha Construction.


Keeping Up With a Top Level of Integrity

It’s one thing to be known for getting a lot of work done, but to have that reputation along with being known for finishing projects with a high level of quality and integrity in the work is something else indeed. Aloha is proud to be known for the high levels of professionalism, fairness and integrity in the relationships this company keeps with all its work associates. This includes the company’s suppliers, subcontractors, insurers, sales associates and employees.


Working With CEO Dave Farbaky

Aloha is now proud to be working with Dave Farbaky as the company’s President and CEO. Dave brings to his job a long track record of successful work management, yet he also brings a high level of personal integrity to the work that he does. Dave is a strong family man and he has been a fine example to others of living a life of caring and integrity.

Growing a company from a small family business into a thriving corporation is no small deed. Aloha is proud to be one company that is known for offering quality and caring for customers on a consistent basis and

Cassio Audi Reveals His Personal Journey To Success

The heavy metal band, Viper has been involved in an on and off touring schedule since the group was formed in 1985 by a group of teenage friends in Sao Paulo. Over the years the band has seen founding and former members return to the fold for entire tours and one-off concerts but not original drummer, Cassio Audi; the original drummer with Viper left the band before the release of their breakthrough second album, “Theatre of Fate” in 1989. Read more about Cassio Audi at The Metal Archives.

Viper was formed in 1985 in Sao Paulo with an original lineup consisting of drummer Cassio Audi, brothers Yves and Pit Passarell, guitarist Felipe Machad, and vocalist Andre Matos. Both Cassio Audi and Andre Matos would leave Viper in 1989 as they looked to extend their careers outside the music industry with a return to education. For Andre Matos, his time studying music would result in a 21st-century return to Viper and extended success with the band. Cassio Audi will always be remembered as a heavy metal drummer but is now better known to the majority in Brazil as a leading academic and investment specialist. Read this article at

As a drummer, Cassio Audi was instrumental in the arrival of the heavy metal genre in the Brazilian music landscape as he was performing with Viper at a time when the success of bands could pivot on the abilities of a drummer as much as on the skills of a vocalist. Four years after joining Viper, Cassio Audi set out to build a new career in finance and has found a success to outweigh that he found as a musician; in the world of Brazilian finance, Audi has been credited with bringing a range of international institutions into an economy now ranked as the fifth largest in the world.


Roberto Santiago’s Stunning Manaira Shopping Venture

Roberto Santiago is a man with numerous talents as a film director, a great businessman, a sportsman, a scriptwriter, and author. Roberto is well-known for being the owner of Manaira Shopping, one of the biggest shopping malls in Paraiba. Manaira Shopping was opened in November 1989 in the capital of Paraiba. The mall is the most preferred destination for fun regarding entertainment and leisure. It has many features that make it one of the busiest malls with people visiting it for different purposes. The profits achieved from the shopping center have been growing consistently. In 2015, the sales rose by 6.5%, and the turnover was approximately 150 billion.


Under Roberto Santiago’s leadership, Manaira Shopping thrives even during an economic crisis. Manaira Shopping is a multipurpose place with eleven movie theaters, concert halls, college, and gym. The businessmen with stores in Manaira Shopping are confident with the growth of their businesses due to the strategic location of Manaira. The store owners are happy to know that their enterprises are safe during the economic crisis and no major impact will affect them. Some of the features that make the mall amazing are the theaters with the most modern technology for cinematic projection. The arena is divided into the 3D room, VIP room, and account. An interactive Stadium System exists with a Park Game Station having 200 gaming machines and an entertainment grid.


Manaira Shopping has concert halls including Domus Hall. Domus is among the largest concert halls situated on the roof of the shopping center. The hall has a huge space that can accommodate ten thousand standing people and four thousand seated ones. Domus has two floors, the second floor having private and public cabins and the ground floor for various events such as weddings, mega shows, graduations, fairs and much more. Roberto also incorporated culture in Manaira Shopping. Diverse exhibitions are held in the mall for the sole purpose of educating the people about different cultures. Colleges and high school students come to Manaira to experience the moments and learn from the various displays. Santiago continues to find new ways to make the shopping center better. In addition, Santiago is the owner of the Mangabeira Shopping that was opened in 2014. The mall is an incredible space with numerous features to attract people.


Roberto is an accomplished sportsman being the only Brazilian to win a popular competition namely the Brazilian Kart Championship. He has won the trophy several times. Santiago is also a film director. He joined the Complutense University to study about sound and image and later the School of Letters of Madrid to learn about literary creation. Santiago has directed several films as well as writing several children’s book. Roberto Santiago is a man of diverse talents.