The OSI Group is an established food processing company dealing with the production of high quality and convenience meat products. The company is well known for supplying popular food products such as pizza, bacon, hotdog, and products made from dough. It has created a global supply chain of food products that are made from high-quality raw materials that are sourced locally from the places where their facilities are located.

OSI group operates under OSI Industries, LLC. It has established its plants across the United States, western and Eastern Europe and Asian-Pacific areas.OSI Group has played a major role in producing brand named foods and top quality products for food-services industry. The core business of the company is to uphold the company’s image and reputation by delivering high-quality food products and custom solutions for the food industry.

Otto Kolschowsky founded OSI over a century ago. Initially, the company was known as Otto and Sons, which later changed in 1975 to OSI Industries. The company has continued to grow revenues where they generated revenues of over $6 million in 2016.

OSI was awarded Globe of Honor by Europe’s British Council for its excellence in environmental management. OSI’s President and COO, David McDonald reported their plans of making OSI a premier Global Food Provider to all Leading Branded Companies across the world.

OSI has continued its growth with the purchase of The Baho Food Company. Acquisition of Tyson Food Facility in 2016 has greatly benefited its continued growth in Illinois area. The purchase of the Flagship Food Group has brought about desserts, poultry, and condiments into its excellent line of products.

In April 2017, a new division of the OSI Group emerged when Europe Foodworks acquired a privately owned company known as Hynek Schlacht of GmbH, based in Tauberbischofsheim, Germany. The company was a well-established slaughter facility.

David McDonald points out that his company will remain consistent in the provision of high-quality food products to the market and transparent to its customers. OSI Group is owned privately hence enables them to be more flexible in their managerial solutions and the ability to think further into the future. The company was recently ranked among the top hundred biggest privately owned companies in the United States. They have 75 food manufacturing facilities situated in fifteen different countries. OSI Industries is one of the biggest employers in the food industry with more than 20,000 employees working in their facilities. Even with their large number of employees, the company has managed to maintain the family culture in all their facilities. All the employees work as a team to achieve the set goals.


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