OSI Group: Leader in Food Distribution

The OSI Group originally began in 1909 when Otto Kolschowsky first came to the United States from Germany and opened his meat market in Illinois. In 1917 he relocated to Chicago and expanded the business by going into the wholesale meat trade as well. In 1928 he chose to change the name of the business to Otto and Sons as their reputation as a trusted meat distributor continued to grow.

In 1955 the company got a contract with a small-known fast food place opening in Des Moines, Illinois which decided to use Otto and Sons to supply them with their fresh ground beef. It was a small modest contract that was sealed at the time with a handshake. That company is now known throughout the world as McDonald’s.

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In 1973 the company bought a plant that made it possible for them to mass produce meat along with a preservation system that included liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels to properly freeze the meat for later use. The new meat plant helped them to fill orders not just for McDonald’s but even more companies that were now doing business with them, such as local restaurants and specialty meat shops. In 1975 with the amount of expanding, the business with products, along with services, the name was changed to OSI Industries and eventually became widely known as OSI Group.

Although, it maintained its longstanding contract with McDonald’s and has become the exclusive meat distributor to the company they eventually took on other well-known food chains as their clients as well. After all, OSI Group started to build a reputation for quality meats ranging from, ground beef, pork, hot dogs, bacon, chicken, and even dough products. So, they acquired even more well-known clients such as Papa Johns, Starbucks, Subway, KFC and Pizza Hut.

Over the years, OSI Group started to expand their plants too, even more, locations. This included plants in Illinois, Utah, Iowa, Wisconsin, and California. In fact, there are now over 60 different plants in 16 areas of the world that operate for the OSI group. So, the OSI Group continues to grow with their solid reputation for giving good quality wholesale products. Forbes 100 is further proof of that, in 2011 the company ranked as the 136 largest privately own company based on its annual profit margin of 3 billion dollars for that year. But five years later, in 2016 the company moved up to 58 in overall ranking with a profit margin over six billion dollars.

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If this isn’t enough proof of the brand of excellence that this company prides itself on their amount of awards is also a testament to this. Over the years, OSI Group has won several prestigious awards, including ones on their mission to supply safe quality products to the public.

So, what started out as a small meat market all those years ago by an immigrant with a dream, has grown into a striving trusted business brand? Perhaps, the thing that has made OSI group become one of the largest globally distributors of meat products is, the fact, that they never lost track of the principles for which the company was founded on all those years ago.

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