On Top of her Game and Staying There

To get an understanding and a firm grasp of knowledge of the real estate agent Tammy Mazzocco, you should know there are two cornerstones on which her career rests. One, she knows about the real estate business from the ground up. Two, she is a certified earner and winner when it comes finding the right homes for people from all walks of life. But that is what happens when you work your way up from secretary to right hand woman to the captain and boss of a sales team. And, the details of her day are just as fascinating as the long road that lead her to the desk and position that she sits in now.

For example, it has to be encouraging, to her clientele and coworkers, to know that all Tammy Mazzocco does is work in the real estate business. It is also good to know that she is a hands-on woman who does it all from meditation to making cold calls. She is a professional who knows how to draft a plan for success using her brain power and proven business plans. Tammy is also a people person who knows the value of face-to-face interaction, as opposed to playing phone tag and repeatedly sending messages.

Tammy Mazzocco achieves success by having goals in mind and breaking those goals into actions, over the short term and long haul. She admitted on Ideamensch that she does all this by not taking herself so seriously, while at the same time doing away with fear and regret. She never settles for less than the best that life has to offer, and never gives her clients anything less than what they deserve, when she is working on their behalf. She faces her personal shyness with the courage to be friendly in an ever increasingly busy business world. Anyone who works for a living knows pulling that off is not always easy.

She stays in the moment to treat the time of her clients as if it is her own, and in a way it is. The real estate agent home buyer relationship is just that; a relationship. Tammy Mazzocco also has a bit of mentor side. She recommends those new agent who are just entering the field to read Doctor Phil’s “Life’s Strategies”. Besides the Facebook App, she also highly recommends Follow up Boss as software that helps her stay in touch with her clients.


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