On-Demand Cleaning Services on the Rise, “Handy” Dominating Market

With the amount of on-demand services being offered online and on mobile applications rising, many companies are seeing an increase in their earnings. It makes sense that companies would choose to broaden their customer base as well as make their services easier and faster to order – it seems as if these two business moves go hand in hand these days. Companies that choose not to invest in an increased online presence are easily left behind in today’s tech-centered society.

One market that has seen a substantial growth by offering an on-demand service is home cleaning, particularly that of New York City-based company , Handy. Since it was founded in 2012, Handy has offered customers a fast and easy way to book home cleaning and handyman services. After hiring experienced cleaners and handymen, the company sends them out to homes with the help of their app. Anyone who works for Handy has a background check and is insured, easing customer’s concerns of having someone they don’t know enter their home. If you’re not happy with the service you’ve received, the company will refund your money. Handy also offers appointments as early as the next day, which is great for anyone needing a last-minute service.

Recently Handy has experienced even greater earnings, $50 million to be exact, after one of it’s biggest rivals “Homejoy” shut down and they received funding from Fidelity, TPG Growth, General Catalyst, Highland Capital, and Revolution Growth. Homejoy, a startup that also offered home cleaning services to be booked quickly online, had to walk away from the market after losing money and failing to keep their customers satisfied. Handy plans to use their new earnings to expand to other cities, hoping to have double their number of serviced areas in the next year.

In order to stay at the top, Handy must continue to offer inexpensive home services with quality and dependability. On-demand services are rising with customers wanting a reliable but quick fix to their problems, and other companies are learning from the mistakes of their predecessors. For more information about Handy, you can read Fortune.com‘s article about their success and visit Handy’s Facebook page.

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