Omar Yunes Gets Best Franchisee in the World

Omar Yunes is a popular businessman in the world. For many years now, the successful investor has been associated with Sushi Itto, and he has worked hard to achieve a lot of success. Just recently, the businessman announced that he had been awarded the Best Franchisee of the Year. According to him, the award was given because of the numerous accomplishments he has managed to acquire in the competitive food market. Omar Yunes has been working with Sushi Itto for a while now, and he has played his part in making sure that the institution grows. The businessman joined the prestigious food chain when he was only twenty-one years old. Many years later, the businessman now operates thirteen units that are mostly located in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. These units currently represent ten percent of the total brands that are owned by Omar Yunes and read full article.


The Best Franchisee of the World attracts very many competitors in the market. This year, the ceremony was attended by people from all over the world. Most of these representatives were coming from thirty-four nations of the world. Some of these countries include Mexico, France, Italy, and Portugal. For an individual to be nominated for the award, they must be evaluated based on their efforts in the competitive network such as the improvement made on the brands, motivation of employees and quality food and learn more about Omar Yunes.


Getting the first position in the international category is very challenging. The market is very competitive, and people from the industry work hard throughout the year to prove that they are very capable of being leaders. In this case, Omar Yunes and his team were nominated for the first position because of the dedication and hard work they have been shown by the international community. The businessman, however, said that he got the award because of his employees. According to him, these professionals have been working hard and giving him an easy time. Without these workers, Omar says that he would not have become so successful. Moreover, the businessman would not have received the prestigious award this year. The businessman dedicated the award to his employees and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

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