Obama Signs Executive Order to Delay Deportations of Illegal Immigrants

Recently President Barack Obama signed a couple of executive orders to delay the deportation of millions of illegal immigrants from the United States. After signing the order, he spoke about his decision to the media. With his decision to sign the executive order delaying deportation, there were protests that expressed their discontent with his actions. Many protestors called for no amnesty and to have the president impeached due to signing this order. Despite signing this order, his actions are still limited and he will need full legislation to completely change the immigration laws. He has stressed that the immigration system is broken and that it is not sustainable the way it currently is. This signing will help over 11 million immigrants establish legal residency in the United States and save a considerable amount of money in the long run according to Andrew Heiberger.

While this executive order signing is controversial, there is some criteria that illegal immigrants must meet to stay in the United States and eventually get legal residency. The two main groups who will get a more favorable standing are parents of legal American citizens/legal residents and also young people who came in the United States illegally as recently as 2010. As long as the illegal immigrants are law abiding, they will likely be allowed to stay in the country. However, illegal immigrants who are criminals will immediately be deported. In order for the illegal immigrants to stay in the United States, they will need to submit and application and get the governments’ approval. According to Obama, this is a middle ground and common sense approach to resolving the immigration issues of the nation.

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