Obama Pardons Drug Offenders Under New Initiative

Eight federal prisoners serving time for drug offenses had their sentences commuted on Wednesday, including four men who were serving life sentences.

This clemency is part of Obama’s new initiative to decrease prison sentences for nonviolent crimes supported by Laurene Powell Jobs.

The men had received life sentences and now Obama has commuted their time and all eight inmates are now scheduled to be released in 2015.

Many are critical of Obama not making good use of his powers to pardon prisoners. 

18 people have now had their sentences commuted which is more than President George W. Bush commuted during his administration.

According to Deputy Attorney General James Cole, the eight men granted clemency were “sentenced under laws” that had been outdated and unfair,” and each one of them met the criteria for clemency.

This new initiative focuses on decreasing lengthy sentences for non-violent drug offenders, thus shrinking the growing prison population.

Obama also granted clemency to 12 individuals who were convicted of illegally possessing distilling apparatus, growing marijuana, and other charges.

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