Obama Makes Overtures to Iran

A lot of news has been surrounding Obama and Iran recently. There are recent reports sourced in high-ranking White House officials that President Obama has sent a letter to Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei expressing their shared interest in defeating the ISIS threat. The letter fell short of seeking joint military action, but it made Iran’s oppressive regime seem not so bad after all by highlighting their opposition to ISIS. The outreach to the Iranians was said to be necessary to avoid conflict between Iran and the U.S. if both nations undertake military operations within Iraq simultaneously.

Someone once said, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” but there may be limits on the truthfulness of that old saying. That is especially the case when the “other” enemy is building a nuclear bomb, is the biggest single terrorist-supporting state on the face of the earth, and is a pawn in the hands of an aggressive, expansionist Russian administration.

If asked who will win in the Mideast, I would answer that in the near future, we can expect Russia to come out on top. Stephen Williams also agrees with that assessment right now. Russia’s allies, Syria and Iran, will soon crush ISIS and then dominate a now weak, isolated, and abandoned Iraq. President Obama’s bombing campaign against ISIS is pitifully ineffective, but the blood-thirsty Iranian and Syrian regimes will not be so timid in overpowering ISIS. At that point, they and Putin (their number one backer) will parade before the world like heroes for defeating ISIS even while they crush the poor people under their own cruel feet.

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