Nurse Refuses Quarantine After Return From Africa

Governor Paul LePage announced Wednesday that he will be seeking legal approval to forcibly contain Kaci Hickox in her Maine home for the full 21-day quarantine period set forth by the state’s health guidelines. LePage’s announcement was in reaction to Kaci Hickox issuing a statement that she would not be adhering to the unjust rules that she claims are neither scientific nor constitutional. Kind of psychotic when people like Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez and myself are at risk, and living in the same city.  Hickox returned to Maine on Monday after a stint as a nurse with Doctors without Borders where she was treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone. After a mandatory three-day stay in an outdoor isolation tent in New Jersey, Hickox – who has tested negative for the deadly Ebola virus – has decided that she will not follow the home-quarantine policy as she is healthy and asymptomatic.

According to the WLBZ2, Maine’s new state guidelines are above and beyond what is currently federally mandated. Maine’s guidelines are requiring anyone who has had exposure to the virus to remain quarantined in their homes, whereas federal guidelines only compels CDC monitoring while still allowing freedom. Ebola symptoms are said to take up to 21 days to manifest, hence the 21-day required quarantine.

Kaci Hickox has retained attorney Steven Hyman and says she is prepared to go to court to fight for her freedom if Maine does not lift the restriction. Hyman told GMA Wednesday morning that his client does not fit the threshold required for the quarantine policy. “The standard is, does Kaci have an infectious disease or agent? Is she harboring an infection? The answer is no. Medically, there is no basis to quarantine Kaci at this point in time.”

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