Nominations for Screen Actors’ Guild Awards Have Been Announced

The nominations for the 23rd annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards have been announced. The film “Manchester by the Sea” received the most nominations of any film or TV show; it received four for “Best Ensemble Cast,” “Best Actor,” “Best Actress,” and “Best Supporting Actor.” The movies “Fences” and “Moonlight” both received three nominations.


Most of the awards, however, go to television performers. Television shows are divided by genre: “television movie or miniseries,” drama, or comedy. Television actors may receive awards for best actor or actress or best ensemble cast. There are also awards for “best action performance by a stunt ensemble” for both films and television.


The movie nominations have been attracting the most attention, because they may help forecast the likely winners of the Academy Awards. The National Board of Review, for example, has already called “Manchester by the Sea” the year’s best film. The musical “La La Land” won “Best Picture” and “Best Director,” and six other awards at the 22nd Annual Critic’s Choice Awards. “Manchester” won in three categories, while “Fences” won in one.


The nominees for the 74th annual Golden Globes have also been announced. Again, “La La Land” and “Manchester” appear to be the front runners. “Manchester” has been nominated for the “Best Motion Picture, Drama,” while “La La Land” is one of the nominees for “Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy.” Both movies were also nominated for “Best Screenplay” and “Best Director” and “La La Land” received nominations in the musical categories.



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