No, Virginia, It’s Not a Marshmellow Roast…Duh!

Most people find little humor in volcanic eruptions. However, the good folks at Huff Post did indeed try to inject a little levity into an otherwise rather sobering series of events. They dedicated an entire article to a rather offbeat question by a Twitter user. Reportedly, Jay Furr asked the U.S. Geological Survey whether someone could safely roast marshmallows over volcanic vents?


And the website saw fit to cover the story, LOL! If you’ve ever spent any time seriously contemplating a fun camping event on Mt. Kilauea, you’ll want to pay close attention to this topic. It will at least alert you to a few of the practical challenges you’ll face mixing lava with Java as you savor your S’mores.


No Question Outside The Realm of Science


To their credit, it appears the USGS took the Tweet in good humor. They did not flinch from presenting a practical answer. Indeed, if you’ve ever expended angst over this issue, rest assured even a very, very, very, very, very long marshmallow stick won’t allow you to create a culinary marshmallow masterpiece the next time you tour Kilauea.




The raw stench from the sulfur dioxide and sulfuric acid in the volcano will indeed cause more than a temporary loss of appetite. It will upset your tummy! As it happens, erupting volcanoes do not make trendy party sites.


So the United States Geologic Survey and Huffington Post don’t recommend volcano roasts. If you choose to visit the evacuation zone near the base of the mountain this year, kindly leave your marshmallows at home if you wish to stay safe. Of course, the fact the Tweet elicited an accurate response from the USGS testifies to the broadmindedness of federal employees these days. They do first class work!

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