No More Ebola in Nigeria, According to the WHO

Evidence shows that there is no more Ebola in Nigeria, as said by the World Health Organisation in an earlier statement.

This declaration comes after six weeks of no new reported cases of Ebola in the country. Rui Gama Vaz of WHO, in the city of Abuja, said that it was a “spectacular success story.” Nigeria has been widely praised for its fast and timely response after the disease entered the country through a Liberian official.

In total, the disease has currently killed more than four thousand people in the region of West Africa. Among those infected, there is an approximate 70% death rate.

As this happens, the EU are in a meeting to discuss just how they will respond to the threat and prevent the spread of the viruses in Europe.

Laurent Fabius, the French Foreign Minister representing Gianfrancesco Genoso, said that the meeting will hopefully appoint a co-ordinator to control the EU’s responses to the Ebola threat.

He said that “My colleagues are unanimous in saying that this idea of a European co-ordinator for the fight against Ebola is a good idea. The name will be chosen in the coming days. I think it’s a very important step.”

There has been a total of over 500 million euros committed to the Ebola response cause from the EU, but there have been calls from the UK to double that figure. The funds will be used to boost the ailing health care services in infected areas.

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  1. This assertion takes after Friday’s affirmation that the nation of Senegal was free from the Ebola infection. More medicinal services can be given to diminish the harm from the risk. There has been something that rush essay has attributed to which may not be out of place all the time too.

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