“Nightwing” Has Not Cast Zac Efron, Despite Rumor

Chris McKay, director of the upcoming DC Extended Universe film Nightwing, says that the rumor about having cast Zac Efron in the title role is “Not true.” He made the comment on Twitter in response to a fan.


Nightwing was announced about a year ago but has had little in the way of concrete updates since. This is true of many other DCEU projects; about thirty are supposedly in the works, and word of which are being fast-tracked changes constantly.


McKay, who previously worked on The LEGO Batman Movie, says that he is taking his time because he wants to make sure that he gets the character right. To that end, he even took an informal poll on Twitter recently, asking fans what they believed to be his most important quality.


Questions about who would play him have been animated among fans. Names that have been thrown out include Colton Haynes from Arrow, Dylan O’Brien from the Maze Runner movies (his co-star Dexter Darden supports this), Jared Padalecki of Supernatural, Finn Wittrock and Steven Yeun.


The possibility of this movie ever getting made, however, and further confused by the fact that McKay is in talks to direct Dungeons and Dragons, with many wondering how long Nightwing could be pushed back as a result. McKay, however, insists that he is unlikely to leave the project unless Warner Bros. fires him.


In the comics, Nightwing is the adult superhero name of Dick Grayson, who was also the first Robin. He took up the new mantle after a falling out with Batman, but the two eventually reconciled and continued to team up, even after Batman took up a series of new sidekicks over the years.

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