Nick Vertucci Releases a New Book

Today, many streets have been filled with iconic structures, all in the name of providing both commercial and residential properties. Thanks to the real estate industry, beautifying the cities has been fastened while maintaining the world-class quality. The real estate industry has contributed significantly to the country’s economy as well as the living standard of both the citizens and the key players. However, every business has its ups and down moments, and Nick Vertucci never hesitates to share his experience and guidelines to survive the real estate industry.

Not long ago, Nick Vertucci released a new book titled; Seven Figure Decision: Having the Balls to Succeed. In the book, the real estate investor shared with the world his journey to success. Also, Nick’s book gives step by step guides to succeed in the real estate sector. Nick shares the principles that he applied and which saw him earn his first million.

During the journey, we are all prone to mistakes. Nick’s success journey was also the same, and he uses the book to reveal to the world the lessons learned from his mistakes and how he implemented change to correct them. Some of the experiences covered in Nick’s book are such as how to push past fears and follow dreams. Also, Nick advises on how to raise sights higher and how they can impact the results.

Nick’s book was well received. According to Kevin, Nick’s rising from poverty to a millionaire then returning to poverty before climbing back again is more than motivation. Also, readers have shown an exceptional love for the new book because of its motivating and inspiring content.

About Nick Vertucci

Nick’s life story is an indication that everyone has a chance to rise from rags-to-riches. Nick was from a humble family. He lost his father at a young age and had to watch his mother undergo difficulties to make ends meet. However, that did not hinder him from pursuing his dreams. Today, Nick owns and runs The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. Nick’s company is based in Irvine, California and is committed to purchasing bank owned properties.

When it comes to experience, Nick holds more than what is needed because he has been developing properties for both commercial and private purposes. Before joining the real estate industry, Nick used to work as the president as well as the CEO of Coastline Micro, his company that supplied computer systems to businesses around the country. Nick schooled at the Canyon High School where he acquired his diploma in 1984. Today, Nick travels around the country training and mentoring the real estate investors. His recent book is an indication of his outward contribution to improving the real estate sector.

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