Nick Vertucci- founder of NV Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is a real estate entrepreneur in the United States. He is the founder of NV Real Estate. Nick was born from a very humble background. Considering his life today sits a clear case of “from grass to grace.” His family could hardly make ends meet. At the age of 10, the world was even crueler to him. His father and the breadwinner for the family passed on. What followed was unending struggles in life. He finally managed to turn thing around when he was 18. He started a computer accessories business that he hoped would see him improve his earning status.

The computer accessories business was started just before the crash of 2000. After the crash, Nick’s business was not spared. He suffered massive losses after his business was liquidated as a result of the challenges brought about by the bubble. His problems did not stop there. Now with his business no more and with no savings to rely on, Nick Vertucci plunged into debts. His debts amassed too much to a point where his house was auctioned.

Nick Vertucci would make a comeback later in life after he was introduced to a real estate conference that was happening in his area, by a friend. After attending the conferences, Nick thought of real estate sector as an area that had so many untapped opportunities, his interests after the conference grew as he set out to research and learn more about real estate from then.

Nick Vertucci enrolled into a real estate academy, from where he learned more about real estate business and how it operates. He felt inspired, and from then he knew that he had the perfect knowledge to penetrate the industry. After his entry into the real estate market, his life has never been the same before. He made a lot of money in the sector using a customized strategy which he had established. After recording so much success, he finally decided to start Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) from where he would teach people the strategy that he has been using to make millions from the real estate industry.

Nick says that after he joined Real Estate Training Industry in 2004, it was the eye opener he needed. This came immediately after his computer business suffered losses. He was determined to look for an alternative. After attending the academy for three sessions, he developed traction of the real estate industry, he dropped his activities in the tech business and focused on investing in real estate.

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