New Advertisement has an Unusual Twist

As time goes by, advertisements have to become bolder and more creative in order to catch the eye of potential consumers. Advertisers have learned that they need to take risks in order to make big sales. This means brighter colors, bigger statements, big-named actors in advertisements, and more. Sometimes, however, this isn’t enough. Advertisements need to have something that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd otherwise they get lost in the shuffle. One Ikea advertisement in a Swedish magazine has done just that. Many are left wondering, however, if it’s hysterical or if it’s gone too far.

According to Huffington Post, Ikea posted an advertisement where pregnant women can pee on the ad and get a discount on a crib. When this advertisement first hit print, it was thought that it was just some big joke. It’s however, legit. Women can literally pee on their magazine and reveal a discount for a crib. It’s sort of like a reverse scratch-off. The idea is creative enough but it’s still kind of gross. What is a woman supposed to do after they’re done peeing on the magazine? They’re out the money from buying one because they can’t exactly keep it.

On the flip side, the advertisement also serves as a pregnancy test. Not sure if there are women out there who want to find out that way, but it is an option. Perhaps the grossest part of all of this is how do you redeem your coupon? Do you bring the urine-soaked ad into stores physically or is there some sort of code you can say? It might be a little gross if thousands of pregnant women suddenly flooded Ikea, with their advertisements in hand. Babies need cribs though and they can get pricey, so this idea might play out pretty well.

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