New Abortion Bill to Be Passed In the State of Missouri

In Missouri a new bill that has been passed requires a woman to get the mans permission before getting an abortion, one of those slippery slopes or slow ventures that could lead to problems down the line. The bill that has been passed by the state legislature earlier this month requires the woman to get consent from the father of the unborn child before getting an abortion. However, there are some exceptions to the bill. In the case of a rape or incest the woman is allowed to obtain an abortion without the consent of the male parent.

If the father of the child happens to be deceased the woman must sign a notorized document confirming the fact that the father is dead before going and getting the abortion. There is no exception mentioned in the bill for women involved in abusive relationships that wish to abort the child.When the bill is passed it is expected that the state legislature will hear from abortion rights advocates.

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