Mr. Andrew Rocklage – A Great Business Prodigy

Mr. Andrew Rocklage has completed his graduation from the renowned University of Suffolk Law School and also from the Isenberg School of Management. Mr. Rocklage is an excellent attorney and is highly reputed in the Boston area. He has shown an active interest in the business. Mr. Rocklage is the proud owner of Sky Zone Trampoline Park. This is a highly innovative and famous indoor trampoline park in the nation.


Mr. Rocklage has got immense knowledge of the Boston business and knows the significance of awesome customer service in developing a service or a brand. Mr. Rocklage has been highly successful in making use of this knowledge by hiring the finest talented team members to have full interaction with the customers at his park location.


He has got immense talent for creating enormous potential for his employees and friends. He has created a great wave of being highly successful in the business world. Mr. Rocklage has got a broad range of experience as corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. He has got vast expertise in the technology arena. This has assisted him to be a great innovator. He has used his experience in the legal field, and that makes him so unique and a challenging individual. He has established himself in the local market and is immensely popular.


There has been much development in Mr. Rocklage’s career. He has continued to take up challenging professional tasks. He has been near the Boston area and is interested in travel. The sky is the limit for him as he is interested in starting another business.

The most important aspect about him is that he wants to keep his business highly creative. The central aspect of his business is providing exceptional customer service to develop a powerful business brand. The very basis of customer service is in finding team members who are highly talented and hardworking.


Sky Zone Trampoline Park is quite stringent in hiring the employees. This is because they want to have the best, talent individuals. People have provided their reviews about the Park’s team members and how they are so friendly and provide great assistance.


Mr. Andrew Rocklage has lots of awareness from the technological arena. This has made him a great innovator. He is an expert as he is aware how to reach out to the customer bases. He has got immense interest in traveling, and professional development and that will surely assist him to reach out to new places. People are inquisitive to know what kind of business he would wish to begin next. He will move far in his career. He does not exhibit any signs of getting tired.

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