More Problems for Venezuela

Recently, Venezuela’s recession has made international news., and unfortunately, the end is nowhere in sight. In a recent article from CNN, the crisis is explained. The recession began in the midst of plummeting oil prices, which made this country, who has the largest oil reserves worldwide, suffer tremendously. The government did not cut its spending even though it was not receiving the same amount of import profits. This is what expert David Osio sees left the country struggling with shortages of many daily necessities.

According to El Nacional news, some of the items that are the most scarce include sugar, bread, paper products, butter, toothpaste and flour. Many people have waited in long lines for such necessities only to find they are gone when it becomes their turn in line. Even the two major airline providers are planning on halting flights to the country in the near future. These new developments, compiled with energy and health care crises, have many residents feeling hopeless.


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