Monkeys Aren’t Fooled by Flashy Brands

In a study that definitively proves that humans are not anywhere near as advanced as we like to think we are; monkeys proved that they are craftier consumers than their human counterparts. Studies have shown that higher price tags actually trick humans into thinking that what they are consuming is of higher quality. There was a study conducted in which people drank two identical wines in different bottles labeled with different price tags. Most people thought the wine with the more expensive price tag tasted better. Studies have also shown that people though a painkiller was more effective the higher price they paid for it. Well a new study shows that monkeys are not so easily fooled. 

Specialist Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez says that the study followed Capuchin monkeys who have, in previous studies, exhibited many of the same characteristics as humans in terms of economics. They are “loss-averse, irrational when it comes to dealing with risk, and even prone to rationalizing their own decisions” says a psychologist a Yale University. Researchers set up a market for the monkeys where they could purchase goods, and to the researcher’s surprise, the monkeys did not attempt to purchase the higher priced goods, assuming the quality was better, but spent their money in an economically wise way. It just goes to show that humans have a lot they can learn from their old world counterparts.

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