Mindless Fun With “Dunk on Trump”

A quirky artist created a retro-style game that allows you to do one thing only, slam dunk on the President Donald Trump. Jayson Musson is a Brooklyn, New York artist and creator of the popular Hennessy Youngman character that was featured in his “Art Thoughtz” series. His game is called “Dunk on Trump” and is currently available to download on his website. Musson chose the Soundcloud artist, MegaPixel Music to feature the slap bass-friendly main theme song that’s played throughout this cheeky game.

Dunk on Donald is simple to play and for the fun to begin, all you will need is your trusty space bar. Yes, that’s the only active button for this game and you can rapidly press it as much as you want, even after you’ve maneuvered an impressive dunk on Donald Trump, all before the game resets itself. The artist’s project isn’t really a game, “I just wanted to offer people the opportunity to slam dunk on Donald J.Trump,” said Musson. It’s just repetitive fun for your own enjoyment and there is no way to best your own score. Dunk on Trump is compatible with all desktop browsers and don’t expect it to not be somewhat addictive.

Jayson Musson was born in Bronx, NY and currently live in Brooklyn, NY. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He later received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting while attending there in 2011. Musson was one of the original members of the Philly rap group, Plastic Little. The rap group formed in 2001 and has performed and collaborated with Mark Ronson, an English producer, musician, DJ, singer and songwriter. Jayson Musson has opened many solo art exhibitions in the New York and Philadelphia areas throughout his career.

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