Michel Terpins’ Involvement in the Brazilian Rally Competitions

Michel Terpins is the leading Brazilian rally driver in Latin America. His core-driver is Maykel Justo, a renowned expert in safari rallies. These individuals recently won the Bull Sertoes 24th and the 5th edition Rally. The Bull Sertoes Rally is funded by various stakeholders, including Ohlins, Motul, Cintra Advogados, Terpins, Eventos, Xarla, and the MEM team.

Michel Terpins’ role in car races

Michel Terpins hails from Sao Paulo, and he has been participating in these rallies for more than a decade. He is the current Brazilian Cross Country Rally Champion. Before becoming a rally driver, he participated in motorcycle competition together with his brother Rodrigo Terpins. While working with his brother, they took part in various competitions in Sao Paulo and other areas of the country. For a whole season, Michel Terpins participated in the motorcycle races up until the seven edition when he ventured into the car race. Michel Terpins and his colleague Maykel Justos won the Prototype T1 in the Sertoes Rally, and they were ranked as the fifth fastest competition.

The race was quite tough due to the rough terrain. During their third round heading to Aruana, this duo was slowed down due to mechanical problems. These challenges were caused by the breakage of T-Rex # 322 gearbox, which compromised the accelerator. Being the skilled driver that he is, Michel Terpins was able to stay ahead of the race, taking the fourth position in the Prototypes T1 and 10th. Car rallies have been Michel Terpins passion since he was young. He has continued to shine while making a name for himself in this industry. Michel Terpins has participated in numerous competitions, including the Cross Rally and the Country Rally Championships. He is expected to take part in this year’s mid game, which is to be held in Goias and Mato Grosso do Sul. This competition has attracted more than 280 participants, navigators, and pilots from various parts of the country. A majority of the devices that would be used during the competition will include 161 vehicles, UTV’s, motorcycles, and quadricycles. The cars would be expected to cover a distance of 3,300.06 kilometers across three states.

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