Michel Terpins as a member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team.

When Michel Terpins transitioned from cross country to rallying the expectation from some fans was lukewarm. Most viewed him as more of a rider rather than a rally driver, but Michel was ready to prove them wrong at all levels. He would prove that he was more than a cross country champion. His transition was aided in part by his brother Rodrigo Terpins one of Brazils most successful T1 prototype category driver. His brother despite being younger than him had been a member of Brazil’s rallying community for long. He would help his older brother learn the ropes, and before long he was competing at a similar level as him. The brothers went on to found the Bull Sertões Rally Team. This has been the team that they have used to grow their rally careers, and today it is one of the most recognizable rally team in Brazil.

The team has worked together with MEM developers for there official racing car the T-rex. This is a special utility vehicle developed specifically for racing with the ability to handle diverse and difficult terrains while at the same time keeping up breakneck speeds. The developers came onboard just before the 22nd edition of the Sertões Rally; this would prove to be right timing as the team was able to obtain spectacular results despite the various challenges that were encountered during this edition including the rerouting of specific stages due to safety concerns. After the race, the T-Rex would undergo multiple modifications to fix various challenge that had been experienced during the race. The car underwent improvements in its suspension, transmission and braking this meant that by the time they took part in the 24th edition, the T-Rex was one of the best vehicles structurally in the race.

The 24th edition saw Michel Justo change his navigator bringing on board Maykel Justo 37, he is one of the most experienced navigators and this meant that the Bull Sertões Rally Team would have an excellent chance to improve from their previous edition. Michel Terpins hopes to continue improving his skills and continue racing for as long as he can.

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