Michael Phelps To Enter Inpatient Program After Recent DUI Arrest

With as much publicity and coverage that superstar athletes get, sometimes it’s hard to see that they are just normal people to. This is incredibly true in the case of Michael Phelps. As an athlete that is arguably the most decorated Olympian of all time, Phelps made an announcement this past weekend that he would be taking time away from swimming with the hopes of working to improve himself as a person.

Thought it may not have been the best photo for someone that so many children and young adults look up to, Phelps and his camp were able to apologize for it and make up for things by representing America in the 2012 London Olympics.

However, Phelps found himself in trouble again when he received a DUI after blowing a .14 percent on a Breathalyzer. The stop came after Phelps was caught speeding and changing multiple lanes in his hometown of Baltimore.

This is Phelps second DUI in the last decade, as he was also arrested in 2004 in Baltimore while driving by a Genesis Diamonds branch as well.

Due to the current string of troublesome events, Phelps has decided to enter an in-treatment patient program that could last through mid-November. The program will not only hopefully help the Olympian get things under control, but it will also look good in the eyes of the judicial system.

If found guilty on his latest charge, Phelps would be looking up to one year in jail, a suspended license for six months, and a fine of at least $1,000.

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  1. The charges against Phelps in that case were all dropped, and he was only required to do community service at local high schools. A few years ago, pictures surfaced on the internet of Phelps at a party smoking out of a bong. I like the fact that littlecountrygentleman.com would also liken it to something unusual for them all to understand.

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