Michael Burwell Vows To Save WTW Money

On August 21, 2017, Willis Towers Watson announced that Michael Burwell would be taking over as Chief Financial Officer. Burwell took over on October 2 when Roger Millay retired after holding the position for just over a year and a half.


Michael Burwell received his BBA in Business from Michigan State University in 1986. Burwell also holds a CPA certification to his credit. Prior to his position at Willis Towers Watson, Burwell spent 31 years at Price Waterhouse Coopers LLC where he spent 11 of those years in assurance. Mr. Burwell spent more than a decade working with many audit clients.


Willis Towers Watson is a consulting firm to help clients to become better in the business world, running their businesses more efficiently. Michael Burwell lets the employees help brainstorm ideas for the company. Michael Burwell values the input of the workers there who can put a unique perspective on the ideas. In order to be productive, one needs to learn how to do more with less. Burwell uses the tools he has available to do his work without having to spend company money on a new tool.


It is important to network with other people in the same field of work. He says interpersonal relationships must be in the moment, not future or the past. Willis Tower Watson is introducing a new service called AMX. AMX is a new investment management service. Clients with more than $120 in investments are eligible for AMX. Those wealthy and people with little to spend, can make an investment.


Michael Burwell begins his day at 5 a.m. and makes his bed before he goes to work. Burwell works to cut company costs and is proud he cut cost on one project by $500 million. It was hard, Burwell had to lay off some workers. Burwell has a lot of hope for the future in the hands of Generation Z. See Related Link to learn more.


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