Michael Burwell, Using Experience To Tackle The Financial World

In August 2017, Willis Tower Watson announced that Michael Burwell would become the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The position was previously held by Roger Millay, who officially retired October 2, 2017. Headquartered in London, England, Willis Tower Watson has been in business since 1828. The established firm is a global leader in client centered advisory services and brokerage solutions. Burwell who’s also a Certified Public Account brings 31 years of professional experience to the firm. He has worked in diverse areas of financial advisory services including audit, pre-acquisition transactions and due diligence valuations. The bulk of that experience was gained at his former employer, Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP, where he held several top executive positions including: Vice Chairman, Head of Transaction Services and Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. When asked about his newly selected position, Burwell spoke of his excitement saying, “ I am honored to have this opportunity to join Willis Towers Watson.”


Michael Burwell attended Michigan State University, graduating with a B.A. degree in Business Administration. Burwell’s degree helped determine the path of his career trajectory, propelling him into financial services administration. Burwell is a man at the pinnacle of his career, and he revealed the subtle nuances of the business world in a February 2018 interview with Ideamensch. Ideamensch provides readers with an up close and personal look at the person behind the position. One of the most interesting reveals about Michael Burwell was that he begins each day with a dedicated regimen. That regimen is to ride his indoor exercise bike as he mentally plans the flow of his workday. Using something as simple as a morning routine balances out his day and keeps him on task.


Another one of Burwell’s habits that helps him with new idea generation and cost-effective solutions is to always strive to “do more with less.” Burwell mentioned an example of this when he decided to scrap a financial transaction. A transaction that Willis Tower Watson had already put millions of dollars into. Find More Information Here.


Michael Burwell made the decision based on his gut instinct that it wasn’t the right time to go forward with new technology. Needless to say, he wasn’t the most popular guy for pulling the plug. But, he stood by his decision to not put additional millions into this particular marketplace. Burwell retained valuable insight from this, he remained committed to the original goal.


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