Michael Burwell: Safe Investments

After serving for more than thirty years in several firms, Michael Burwell has earned the title ”financial guru”. His business expertise has led to his current success as a financial advisor in one of the top advisories and consulting firms, Willis Towers Watson. Willis Towers Watson specializes in the provision of a wide range of services for both small organizations as well as large ones.


Michael dedicated eleven years working on various business advisory services, which equipped him with the necessary tools to lead him to straight to the top of the business. He was named partner and given responsibility for transactions in the companies Detroit firm. Being excellent in what he loved doing, Michael Burwell turned the Detroit Hub into a booming success. This led to his immediate promotion as leader of the central American transaction division.


Being a believer in teamwork, Michael worked closely with his staff at the national level, where he acquired great ideas from them, which helped him make informed decisions with a unique perspective. According to Michael, the most innovative ideas within the organization were from members of his team. Burwell’s ability was always do “more with less'” has helped him maintain productivity by maximizing the use of available resources such as technology, which essentially makes our lives easier.


Michael Burwell’s contribution to Willis Towers Watson has turned it to one of the tops ranked broking and advisory firms with clients around the world. The company is focused on turning risk into guaranteed success. The company has grown to a staggering capacity of forty thousand workers in countries around the world.


Michael Burwell has been able to positively impact the company’s ways of conducting business. He devises was of improving how they design and present solutions to clients in the efforts of curbing risk while developing methods of increasing benefits. According to Michael, companies should first focus on cultivating internal talent, which will help in the long-term objective of expanding the power of capital so that the institution is protected as well as the individuals. Michael has made negotiations with Google, which created a merge with a company to improve how people experience what they do.



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