Meet one of Banyan hills’ investment experts, Ian King

Ever since its inception, Banyan hill publishing has been more like a safe haven to investors thanks to its top-notch investment tips. The publishing company was established in 1998 and was initially known as the Sovereign society. Its primary goal is to make investment information easily accessible for business people and help each and every one trying to make it in the business scope excel without having to pay a heavy price.

To enable this, Banyan hill publishing brought together some of the best minds in the world of business such as Ian King, Jeff Yastine, Ted Bauman, Paul Mampilly and Matt Badialli to provide the insights. Each of these individuals is not only successful but also has a proven track record in the finance field which makes it possible for them to lay out plans and solutions that work. View to know more.

As mentioned earlier the company was known as the sovereign society but switched its name to Banyan. What prompted the changes? Well, for the longest time now, the firm has been on the forefront of providing effective strategies and investment red flags to business people hence shielding them from major financial losses. It does so through earlier mentioned individuals such as Jeff Yastine and as such creating a smooth ride for investors who want to reach success.

Thus the name Banyan was the perfect fit for the firm because the same way that the Banyan tree, known for its strong canopies is able to withstand any kind of devastating conditions is the same way Banyan publishing is able to protect investors from the devastating financial crisis by keeping them aware of what’s happening in the market, which stocks are the best to invest in and what trends they should take advantage of to maximize their returns.

Who is Ian King?

Ian King is a man of many facets and a regular figure to famed business publications such as Investopedia and Fox business news just to mention a few. He is the latest addition to Banyan having joined his fellow editors in 2017. Ian prides himself on a list of achievements and a long time of experience in investing factors which make him the perfect addition to the team. He is known for his expertise in hedge fund manager and has worked with various A-list companies such as Citigroup and Solomon Brothers. In all these places, Ian King has proved countless times that his skills are unique and always effective case in study, while at Peahi capital Ian managed to gain a total return of more than percent in only one twelve months.

Like most of the editors in Banyan hill publishing, he does not share what he knows with ulterior motives but with pure intentions of helping everyone achieve self-reliance. That is why he gave up his career as a successful hedge fund manager on Wall Street and joined Banyan hill publishing. Mr. King keeps them on tabs on what’s happening in the crypto world through the Sovereign investor daily and the Crypto profit trader. His presence at Banyan Hill is instrumental because he boasts extensive knowledge in cryptocurrencies hence offering readers of Banyan hill a diverse array of profitable investment options.

Ian King was born and raised on the shores of New Jersey where he got his first job at the tender of age of 19 years as a lifeguard. He says that even though it might seem as a mere regular job to him it acted as a solid foundation to his lifetime career because till date he applies the lesson of analyzing and responding to situations as fast as he can to his career today which is why he so successful in crypto trading as it calls for such qualities.

Initially, Ian had the passion of learning how the human brain works which is why he studied psychology. However, he came across dot-com stocks which sparked a new interest and since then, Ian made a decision to venture into business. He has never looked back and the successful man we see today is as a result of the compromise he made while in his dorm room. Read more:


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