Max, an Autistic Journey Coming to Steam

Max, an Autistic Journey is a game that is soon coming to the Steam store that promises to be more fulfilling that almost any game on the market, at least for one person.

Developer Stephana Cantin has personally created a game dedicated to his son who suffers from autism. In essence, the game is supposed to be a fictionalized representation of his sons world. Through this, Cantin hopes that Max will begin to accept and understand the world that he is in and how he experiences what few else do.

The game is promised as a “retro style top-down turn-based RPG”, which is by itself a promising base for a game. However, adding in the social commentary and nurturing benefits of the game, it should prove to be truly inspiring for the gaming community who so regularly are faced with aggressive and bloody topics such as war and disease. Max, an Autistic Journey promises to shine a new light on the ability for games to tell stories and help individuals.

The game was created with a heavy dose of fantasy in mind, but that does not stop it from hitting genuine concerns for a person who is on the spectrum. Many of the emotions and frustrations that the character will experience throughout the game are representative of what Cantin has seen his own son go through in his life time.

A trailer released by Cantin shows the game as a turn-based combat game that incorporates puzzles and problem solving. Several other notable aspects are levels constructed entirely of LEGO’s and many other things reminiscent of a ten year olds’ imagination.

While the game will be available on Steam by August 19th, there is currently a free to play demo available.

What is so obviously beautiful about the game is not the development or the graphics. Even the story line takes a back seat to the big picture of the game. The game is about tackling a social issue that has become so tabooed in recent years. By putting the issue in a game, a new dimension is added to it. Individuals, such as Max himself, can finally begin to realize and understand the illness that they are personally suffering from, as no other medium would allow.

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