Marvel Sets up New Super Hero Team – The New Warriors

If you are starting to get tired of super hero blockbusters, you might want to just take a break from movies for awhile. The Marvel Cinematic Universe saw another huge addition to their slate when it was announced that actress Milana Vayntrub has been brought on board to bring Squirrel Girl to life in the ‘New Warriors’ television show. If nothing in that sentence makes sense, we don’t blame you. Marvel is filled to the brim with bizarre and quirky characters and Squirrel Girl is right up there as the most bizarre of them all.

Casual Marvel fans will shrug at the announcement of the ‘New Warriors’ TV show, to be released on Freeform Network. However, fans that dig a little deeper into the comics are probably getting a little more excited. The New Warriors team consists of a slew of quirky heroes that add levity and balance to the Marvel Universe. They aren’t filled with Captain America’s and Iron Man’s nor are they celestial like the Guardians of the Galaxy. No. The New Warriors are young, earnest,and lesser known heroes that are just trying to prove themselves.

Squirrel Girl, or Doreen Green, was first introduced to the comic book world back in 1992 by Will Murray and Steve Ditko. She was a lighthearted character in a time filled with similar concepts. Squirrel Girl possesses the ability to communicate with squirrels, she has a bushy tail, and she’s even able to use a few hilarious special powers. The addition of Squirrel Girl to a live action TV show means that Marvel is ready to go all in on the cheese that comic books can offer. Milana Vayntrub will star as Squirrel Girl across from Calum Worthy who will play her love interest/partner in crim fighting — Speedball. There is no exact air date in writing as of yet.

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