Maroni Mobster Confirmed for “Titans”

A production photo from the set of Titans reveals that the series will show at least one member of the Maroni crime family, a recurring group of mobsters from the Batman franchise.

The picture only shows a trailer that reads “Stunt Maroni 1,” however, leaving it open which member of the family will show up. Most likely it will be Sal Maroni, its most family member, though it could also be his father Luigi or one of his sons, Pino or Umberto, all of whom have had their own criminal careers.

The Maronis have had numerous run-ins with the Caped Crusader, particularly back in older stories where the crimes that Batman investigated were less fantastic than they are today. Sal Maroni in particular is famous for being the one to throw acid in Harvey Dent’s face, driving him mad and turning him into the villain Two-Face.

Titans focuses on the titular superhero group, who are led by Dick Grayson (played by Brenton Thwaites), the first person to take on the role of Robin. This, plus the inclusion of a Maroni, implies that the series will have a particular connection to the Batman franchise, with him perhaps appearing himself at some point.

Also confirmed to appear will be Tony Zucco, another mobster, most famous for being the one who killed Dick’s parents. While he is traditionally known for running his own crime family, some adaptations simplify things by making him a thug who works for Maroni, something which would give him and Dick a closer and more adversarial relationship in this series.

Titans is set to premiere sometime this fall on a new streaming service being created just for DC Comics adaptations. Other characters include Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy.

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