Market America Takes on the Global Market with a New Way of Doing Business

Market America wants to change the way people shop. Billing itself as a “Mall Without Walls,” this unique multi-level marketing company harnesses consumer obsession with personalized online shopping while giving its small independent distributors an opportunity to sell products on a level field with big retail players.

Market America, founded in 1992 by JR Ridinger of Amway fame, a product brokerage firm specializing in what it terms “One-to-One” marketing that brings an individualized and social presence to online shopping. Catering to consumers who are overwhelmed with having to visit dozens of websites to wade through thousands of products that may not appeal to them, Market America’s marketplace and other sales outlets offer a more personalized experience as well as an expert-guided comparison shopping platform that makes shopping easier.

Market America is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina and employs more than 800 associates worldwide from Australia and Singapore to the United Kingdom, Mexico and the United States. It offers more than 40 million different popular products and services from their own branded lines or from major retail partners through their Affiliate Partner Program including famous retailers like Old Navy, Nordstrom’s, Lands’ End and Staples. It has also become a nutritional supplement leader in its own right with own patented line of Isotonix Advance Nutraceuticals.

Independent distributors for Market America, known as “Unfranchise Owners,” have sold over 7 billion dollars in retail product while earning over 2 billion dollars in compensation since the company was founded. Unfranchise owners are able to make income sell products directly to preferred customers on a supported web portal, then unlike real franchise owners, they can build their own business by recruiting others without being limited by territorial restrictions or paying monthly royalty fees.

Market America believes it will change the future of global shopping in a way that will benefit both the consumer and the entrepreneur. They call it “the power of people,” and they hope that by bringing consumers and distributors together, marketplace equitability will grow for everyone.

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