Mark Mofid: the Guru of Reconstructive Surgery

Over the years, plastic surgery has gained significant popularity because more people are becoming receptive to aesthetic plastic surgery. In as much as this is factual, some patients have reported cases of overly done surgeries; a symbol that there are quacks in the industry. Nevertheless, there is a growing number of highly trained professionals who are committed to delivering high-quality reconstructive surgeries to patients. Dr. Mark Mofid is one such individual; a dedicated and enthusiastic plastic surgeon that is based in San Diago, Mark Mofid has shaped his career around offering people the chance to look and feel better.

Professional Background

Dr. Mofid attended John Hopkins University for medicine. After which, he proceeded to residency internship alongside fellowship. To advance his education, he majored in plastic as well as reconstructive surgery at the university. For more than fifteen years, he has carved out his name as a leading plastic surgery expert.


Mark Mofid thought it wise to open a private practicing unit at La Jolla in San Diego. Here, he has managed to bring on board a full spectrum of qualified professionals striving to provide some of the highest standards of reconstructive surgery. Alongside his team, Mofid has perfected the art of offering highly tailored services attained through perfect customer care approach coupled with high-quality technology. As such, clients make well-informed decisions regarding the type of surgery they are pursuing. For Mofid, the primary objective is to offer clients optimal aesthetic look; to meet their desires. Moreover, the utilization of trained professionals has in many ways ensured that procedures are conducted safely.

Mofid’s Specialization

Dr. Mofid is a revered, multi-skilled corrective surgeon who utilizes liposuction, laser peeling, surgery and skin grafting to give his patients the best results. Also, one of the best surgeons when it comes to augmentation, he has perfected his art and is now a certified plastic surgeon from the American Board of Plastic Surgeon.

The Overview of Career and Services

Dr. Mark Mofid understands that his patients are faced with the dilemma of how perfect perfection standards are. He, therefore, strives to offer the best aesthetic surgery services.

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