Man Shot Near Major North Carolina University Campus

A man in Durham, North Carolina was the victim of a shooting late Saturday night. He was rushed to a local area hospital and reported to be in stable condition. The shooting occurred just outside the campus grounds of North Carolina State University. Earlier that day, Sam said the university released a public announcement on Twitter warning locals about a shooter who is on the loose. The Durham Police Department has not been able to put the pieces of this puzzle together as no major evidence has been collected. In fact, the firearm used in the shooting has not been recovered and the shooter is believed to be armed and dangerous with the potential to terrorize more people.

In recent years, it seems that the Triangle Area’s university campuses have been quite dangerous places. Earlier this summer, a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was brutally murdered while walking on school grounds. Two local men have been charged with killing 59 year-old Feng Liu. Police reports indicate that this incident was a robbery that has gone terribly wrong. However, the end results of a dead professor on a major university campus are undeniable and difficult to swallow for the local community.

It seems that academic grounds are just as dangerous as urban streets dominated by gangs. Random shootings and robberies at major universities definitely strike fear into students and the local residents.

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