Man Rescues Cub

Corey Hancock of Salem, Oregon, was hiking and taking waterfall photos in the Elkhorn, Oregon area when it started to rain. He headed back to her car and came to a small black bear near the side of the trail. Corey watched the lifeless cub from a distance, to see if it would move or if its mother would come to rescue it. But after no movement for several minutes, Corey picked the bear up and took it to his car. He gave the bear rescue puffs all while driving to reach an area with cell phone service. He then turned to Facebook for advice, by sharing a picture of him holding the struggling cub, asking for suggestions on where to take it. Vets at Turtle Animal Center in Salem agreed to take the cub and worked to give him, who Corey nicknamed Elkhorn, fluids as he was severely dehydrated. After his body temperature was back to a normal range and he showed several signs of important, the cub was transferred to a wildlife veterinarian with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to undergo a full health exam. There it was determined that the young cub is over three months old and weighs four pounds. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife issued a statement saying that their recommendation, in any future situations like the one Corey came upon, would be to call their department or a wildlife rehabilitator before moving the animal from the wild. In many instances, they believe the mother of the young animal will come back, so unless someone physically sees the mother die, they say to leave the animal where it is. They also used the statement to remind people that regardless of wanting to help, it is against state law (in Oregon, as well as many other states) to transport any animal from the wild without a permit.

Despite this statement, Corey Hancock was not cited for the offense of transporting the cub. He still believes he made the right choice in helping cub Elkhorn and would not change any of his actions in rescuing the suffering cub.



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