Man Gives Wife Same Tin of Candy for 39 Years

Step back in time to January 2, 1979, and you will see an anxious 27-year-old man named Ron Kramer knocking on the door of his future wife’s apartment. After a few anxious dates, he asked his soon-to-be wife what type of candy she liked. Donna told him that she loved dark chocolate creams from Buffet’s Candies.

Shortly before February 14, he went to the store in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and purchased a large tin of them. While completing the sale, a clerk told him that if he brought the tin back, he would only have to pay for the candy to go inside the tin the next time.

On Valentine’s Day, Ron showed up at Donna’s door with a tin of the delicious candy. It may have sealed the deal because the two were married on May 8, 1979. Shortly before Valentine’s Day every year, Ron digs the tin out from its storage place on a top shelf near his sweaters and returns to the store to have it filled again.

Ron has faithfully made the purchase for the last 39 years despite the fact that he had to put Doona in a nursing home four years ago with dementia. He says that he will never abandon her, however, even though she may ask him the same question 10 times. Every day, he goes to see Donna and brings her a small present. Usually, it is a can of Coke and a piece of fruit. While she cannot remember current events, she loves to reminisce about the 25 cruises they took because she can remember things that have happened in the past extremely clearly.

There is no doubt what Ron plans to give Donna on Valentine’s Day 2018 as he already has returned to the candy store to have the tin filled with dark chocolate creams.

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