Man Eats at Chipotle Every Day for a Year

Many people have a restaurant that they love to visit frequently, but few have taken their love to the extreme of Bruce Wayne who has now eaten in his favorite Chipotle’s restaurant in Toledo, Ohio, every day for a year. In order to celebrate his accomplishment, employees at the restaurant dressed up in Superman costumes. Bruce says that he wants to break the record of eating in a Chipotle every day for 425 days.

Bruce who is employed taking care of intellectually-challenged adults posts a picture of the menu, his food and the receipt every day to his Instagram account. When not busy dining or working, he dresses up as Batman appearing at many charitable events around the Toledo area. Bruce says that when the restaurant opened, he decided that the menu fit his diet very well. Then, he learned about the record and has been eating at Chipotle every day since. While Bruce looks forward to breaking the record, he says that he will not stop eating at the restaurant anytime soon because he has started to feel like the wait staff are family. They look forward to his visit every day and are anxiously following his progress on the internet.

Bruce only needs to eat at the Mexican restaurant for another two months to break the record. He dines on a variety of foods off their menu with a preference for fresh salads. The restaurant nor Bruce have not announced what they plan on doing to celebrate when he breaks the record that will be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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