Man and Dog Reunited After Several Months

Wes Capito was concerned when his loyal dog went missing. He lost all hope after his canine friend was missing for several months. Now, much to everyone’s surprise, KJ had reappeared.

KJ, a mixture of a lab and beagle, went missing on the west side of Indianapolis on November 21st. Wes searched for his dog, even posting on Indy Lost Pet Alert to alert the public that KJ was missing. Unfortunately none of his searches worked, KJ remained missing. That is, until a photo of KJ was posted on Facebook. A woman found the dog and shared a photo of him to see if she could find his owner. Luckily one of Wes’s friends saw the woman’s post and alerted Wes that KJ had been found. The timing could not have been better for Wes, who was planning on leaving the Indianapolis area in just a short while.

Wes responded to the photo and told them that KJ was his missing dog. With the help of Indianapolis Animal Care, the two were reunited before Wes moved away. Both Wes and KJ could not have been happier that they were together again. A worker for IACS said that KJ’s story had stuck with them through the months that he was missing. Wes often checked in with the agency and many workers had grown attached to the story. They called Wes “passionate” about finding KJ. No one knows where he has been for the last few months, but he is healthy and home where he belongs now.

For pictures of the reunion with the lost pup, check out the article on CBS4 Indy.

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