Maggie Gill’s Distinct Leadership Skills and Education Background

There are several traits to borrow from Maggie, the current president and CEO of Memorial Health. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University where she attained honors and proceeded to pursue her MBA at Saint Leo University in Florida. On earning honors in her MBA as well, she went further to undertake a course in strategic thinking and management. With such a striking education profile, she could not help but land into such splendid positions.

Before she was pronounced the president and CEO, she had served as the finance president of Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) in 2004. Even as at now, Maggie Gill is in charge of all Vice presidents at MUMC, as well as medics’ leaders and senior vice presidents in the same organization. Interestingly, prior to joining MUMC, Gill had spent five years at Tenet South Florida Health System where she was serving as the Chief Financial Officer.

MUMC’s Awards as Earned From Various Fields

Memorial Health University Medical Center has proved that they uphold high standard services. As such, they had to be accredited by the Joint Commission, which earned them a Gold Seal of Approval. It is an amazing medal worth applauding.

There was the official recognition of Memorial University Medical Center as an outstanding patient care in 2014. As well, they were rated as excellent in bariatric surgery, breast care, cancer care, endoscopy, heart and vascular care, joint replacement surgery, spine surgery, stroke services and also in women’s health generally. The accolades are evidence that indeed the facility epitomizes utmost professionalism.

An Overview of MUMC’s Participation in the Society

It is humbling to understand that this facility takes care of all people regardless of their class and ability to foot bills. Their main interest is in quality service delivery that will leave their patients better positioned. From a breakdown given for the year 2013, it clearly shows that the facility had to pay $ 29,792,622 for people who were unable to settle their bills after the care services. Adding to the losses incurred through bad debts written-off, Medicare treatment, health experts education, clinical research and several other expenses, the total amount provided to the community sums up to $ 95,188,925, with $29.8 million dedicated to philanthropy.


Undoubtedly this is a health facility worth vouching for. The able leadership of the same is to be applauded for the tough decisions they have had to make. Even when counting losses, human life counts more to them.

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