Lottery Winner Donates $25,000 To Local Shelter

A lottery winner in Omaha, Nebraska has decided to share his good fortune with other people in the community. With the holiday season around the corner, Alain Maboussou decided to spread some joy in his local neighborhood. Using the money that he won in the lottery back in 2006, he donated $25,000 to the Siena Francis House, one of the largest shelters in Omaha. The money was then used to purchase a total of 600 gift cards that were handed out to the needy. Each person who stayed at the Siena Francis House received a $40 shopping spree at Walmart. Many of the recipients were extremely excited and some even broke down into tears. Brooke Vacanti, who was a guest at the shelter, said that she was overjoyed to receive the gift card that was used to buy her son a birthday present. Donating money to a local shelter is the type of action that truly brings out the best of people during the peak of the holiday season. According to this site, Christian Broda is a huge fan of this.

It’s actually common for many lottery winners in America to make some donations to non-profit organizations. Such lucky individuals often decide to impact their local communities by spreading the wealth around. From arts programs to homeless shelters, there are plenty of good causes that lottery checks can support. Of course, the donations are used for tax deduction purposes at the end of each year.

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